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  1. Tire Inflators

    We purchased a used 2015 Tiffin Phaeton from Lazy Days. Had them install a tire pressure monitor system. After we arrived at our first RV park, I started playing with the tire monitor system. After I got it working, the drivers rear inside tire said 58psi. I tried to check it with my manual gauge. But, was unable to register a reading on either of the rear inside tires with the monitors on them ( there's a valve stem off of the monitor). All other tire I was able to read. Looking to try to inflate the tire to go back to Lazy Days (20 miles). My portable compressor died at 70psi, even though it said 150psi max. Although the gauge on the pump confirmed 58psi. in reading some of the blogs, some stated that the generator may have an air pressure takeoff for such use. I can't find anything in the owners manual about this.... help