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  1. 03 Monaco Dynasty Recalls?

    Thanks for the replies!
  2. 03 Monaco Dynasty Recalls?

    HI, I am new to Rv'ing and I have purchased a 2003 Monaco Dynasty. I have used it a few times at campgrounds close to home to get used to what Rv'ing is about or what I need to have with me. Anyway my question is I have seen a few things here and there about people having this year of Dynasty catch fire and burn because of some kind of issue with the Norcold fridge but I am having trouble getting any details about the issue. One person told there was a recall on the 2003 model for the fridge but I cant find any info about that either. Where would I find this info? Is there way for me to know if maybe mine has already had the recall work done to it? Most I have talked to have just replaced the Norcold with a residential fridge, Would that be your suggestion that I should do. Thanks!!