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  1. We are continuing our slow search for a used DP. Initially we have only looked at looked at about 3 or 4 brands, Newmar and Tiffin being at the top of our list. Recently we looked at a couple 2013 to 2016 Thor Tuscany 45' models online and like the floorplans. I have been pretty happy with our Thor Challenger gasser, but we have only put about 8,000 miles on it also. Who out there has a DP Tuscany? Happy, not happy with quality? Any issues been discussed on here the last few years with them? We took a Thor Motor Coach factory tour a couple years ago but I was paying more attention to the gas line.
  2. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    Thanks Carl, needed that last bit of information reference it working for a passport. I just renewed mine but the DW's is going to expire soon. One of the biggest draws I guess for going with a local UPS Store is that we return to this area of SW Florida every winter. This is where our doctors and many friends are now located. In addition, we will no doubt buy our next property in this area some day. Herman, if FMCA gave advance notice plus had someone else set up to take over the mail forwarding that was nice of them. The fact remains that it is a huge issue when you have to change your permanent address, it can effect everything from health care, income tax filing, banking issues, etc. Not sure why FMCA dropped the service but they should have never started it in the first place if they were not in for the long haul IMHO.
  3. Ft. Myers CG's - Got Lucky

    Thanks Carl, we had our name on waiting lists at two resorts and was getting ready to sign up at a couple more. When your home is on the market it puts you in a "suspended" state because until it closes and you have a closing date you don't know if you will need a CG site starting in November, in December, or not until March. We hated to take an opening and start paying the premium winter rates if the house wasn't sold, but we didn't want to pass anything up and be stuck in a dump all winter either. It worked out perfectly because the day of our buyers home inspection Upriver called and gave us the site. Perfect timing!
  4. Ft. Myers CG's - Got Lucky

    If you liked Sanibel you could try Periwinkle Park & Campground. They are not exactly right on the water but pretty close. Not sure if you could get in this winter because they stay full with annual repeat customers, but there could be cancellations this year. If you do ever spend the winter on Sanibel or visit it often be sure to get a Leeway pass. You can cross the bridge for $2 each time plus it works on all the Florida toll roads. The only one in the Ft. Myers area I know of that is right on the beach is Red Coconut RV Resort, Ft. Myers Beach. The sites are very tight.
  5. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    Was doing some additional research Tom since you mentioned FMCA mail forwarding. I looked in the "benefits" list and couldn't find anything about it through FMCA. I did a search for old posts and discovered they used to offer it but stopped back in 2014 or so? If they began offering it tomorrow I wouldn't trust them and sign up, even if it was free. I can't think of anything worse than to be full timing and have your mail service pull the plug on you. You would have to go through the issue of changing your address with everyone, changing your registrations, licenses, etc.
  6. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    Tom, I talked to the manager at the closest USP Store to us here in Cape Coral. She gave me an example of what our address would look like. Joe Spidle 1242 SW Pine Island Road STE 42-444 Cape Coral FL 33991 According to her it is a real street address that works for having on your Florida DL and registrations. I'm not sure about using it for renewing a passport, which is a very good question. The draw for using the UPS store is that for 5 or 6 months out of the year we will be in a CG close to Ft. Myers/Cape Coral, so instead of having mail forwarded every week or every couple of weeks we can simply stop in and pick it up. If we go with FMCA, Escapees, or Good Sams it always has to be forwarded no matter where we are. Good Sams forwarding service provides a street address in northern Florida for everyone which looks similar to my example from the UPS Store. Decisions, decisions....
  7. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    That is the point Carl, we need it to be a legal address change and be permanent. Not sure about FMCA's forwarding service or Escapees, but both Good Sams and of course UPS Stores close to us can offer a Florida street address.
  8. Tandem Dolly

    Welcome Jmholb57, I don't know what your coach is, but we were facing some of the same issues. My Thor Challenger has a hitch rated for 5,000 pound towing and a tongue limit of 500 pounds. Our Mini Cooper weighs less than 2,900 pounds and my Harley Trike about 1,200 loaded. The problem for me going with an extended tow dolly would have been tongue weight, or if going with a trailer long enough to accommodate both I would have went over total weight. If you could find an all aluminum trailer weighing less than 1100 or 1200 pounds you might be good to go, but that may be the only way. We will be officially starting our second full timing adventure around November 14th or so. We will be changing coaches and getting a used DP that can tow up to 10,000 pounds and then getting a 24' enclosed for both vehicles. I'm not wild about my new length but we want the car and Trike with us always. I considered a toy hauler MH but you loose some livability and/or storage IMHO. I'm sure some others will chime in with possibilities. Good luck with your decision.
  9. Ft. Myers CG's - Got Lucky

    A few years ago while full timing we spent a winter in Siesta Bay RV Resort (Ft. Myers) and then Gulf Waters RV Resort (Ft. Myers Beach) the next winter. Both CG's were very nice with tons of activities to do. Gulf Waters had much bigger sites but was more expensive also. Anticipating the house selling we put our name on the waiting list at Upriver RV Resort (North Ft. Myers). We learned from actually living in SW Florida that it worked for us better if we were located east of I-75 instead of closer to the busy beaches. They called us today and due to a cancellation gave us a super site. Anyone else use Upriver RV Resort for their winter stays down here? We were impressed with how the place looked and what they had to say. Excited to move the MH onto the site November 1st.
  10. We are just under 30 days from closing on the sale of our house so we want to get our address changed in the next couple of weeks. Since we want to keep a Florida legal address we have pretty much narrowed down our decision on what service to use, it will either be Good Sams or a local UPS Store. I have read some old posts on mail forwarding but nothing recent. Any full timers out there have an opinion one way or another about either one of these mail services? It looks like both Good Sams and a local UPS Store will provide a legal street address, hold mail, forward when we want, etc. Any other suggestions?
  11. Traded In FR3 30DS

    Congrats! "1/2 of an hour looking?" Heck it takes me 45 minutes to stop sweating and calm down after seeing the sticker prices on most new units, let alone being able to actually make a deal.
  12. Is he talking about a Newmar Kountry Star?
  13. 5th Wheel For Full-timing

    Thanks Blake, got it now. Took me a new minutes and another cup of coffee but I figured it out.
  14. 5th Wheel For Full-timing

    I'm not seeing any information on coaches in folks signatures. I see comments like "I travel part time" or "I travel with pets" in signatures, but not much else except locations. Maybe I don't have something turned on in settings.
  15. 5th Wheel For Full-timing

    Kitchen slide comes in against kitchen island, thus blocking stove/oven/microwave. Can get to frig but that is it. We had the same situation on our fiver. So "Roger" never had an RV but had a bunch of opinions?