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  1. Additional Full Timers Forums/Clubs

    I think TT would only work for a very small group of full timers. I think on another posting I read someone bought a "used" TT pass that had the free days still on it. But even so they still paid transfer fees, maintenance, and such. Anyway they estimated the breakdown was about $20 a day it cost them to camp there. Based on a TT park we were in recently some of them aren't even worth $20 a day. But, even if they were all really nice parks with good sites, as full timers we are getting by cheaper than $20.00 a day average. When actually traveling cross country we mix in a lot of dry camping. This month is a stationary month in Alabama. Current park is $300 a month plus electric, sites are about 120' pull through. Next month dry camping on Tennessee River but then staying a week at Pigeon Forge (expensive week there). But then in central Illinois park on a river for $330 a month with electric included. We will stay there for 2 months. We will average $12.00 a day CG fees over the next 4 months is my point.
  2. Tools Needed for Full-Timing

    That will probably be what I end up doing every fall also. I have a buddy that is looking at the Tandem tow dollies for hauling his car and trike around behind his MH. We have considered this as a possibility for the future if we end up wanting to shorten our present combination. However, looking inside my enclosed trailer I'm not sure where all my "stuff" would go.
  3. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    DBenoit, I'm starting to get the impression that you are somewhat of a "city" person and new to this cross country RVing stuff. If you are not comfortable taking the toad then don't. I'm sure you can rent a car at your destination if you end up needing one, and you probably will need one. Maybe this first long adventure will be easier without a toad to worry about. Relax, preplan the route and fuel stops, enjoy the trip. You will be fine.
  4. GE Appliances and Service

    Just like with the appliances in your sticknbricks, they are not built to last. The days of having the same washer/dryer for 30 years is over, or the same frig for 25 years. That is part of the reason we negotiated an extended coach warranty when we bought this rolling turd. I'm thinking we have about $5,000 to $6,000 worth of appliances not counting 3 air conditioners plus the Oasis to worry about failing in the first five years.

    My coach of course has a FL chassis. Maybe it is the comfort drive system, don't know. But if any of you drove my coach "wallow or sway" would never be in your description of how it handled. I don't know, maybe if I climbed behind the wheel of a Newmar on a Spartan chassis I would wet my pants because it drove so nice. My only experience with a DP is that mine goes down the road like a heavy Cady in all road conditions with very little effort from me.
  6. Tools Needed for Full-Timing

    We are stationary for 30 days up here in SW Alabama. You can only visit New Orleans and Mobile so much, so I have numerous days to fill in. After only 4.5 months of full timing it is time to weed some things out and lighten the load. I started going through tools and equipment today. Anything I haven't used in a few months, or I have more than one of, is gone. So far in just a couple of hours I was able to empty an entire trailer cabinet of extra "junk" My point is I want to be prepared and have most of the tools and supplies I will probably need. However, I am determined not to haul around 200 or 300 pounds of extra stuff that I may not use for years and years.

    I will have to agree with Carl on a 40'+ coach that seats that many folks inside. We can seat 9 in our floor plan but that would be a little too cozy for me. We just went through our DP search last fall. My only suggestion would be to locate a Tiffin, Entegra, and Newmar in floor plans you like, and ones that have tags. Then take a test drive in each one. Generally speaking that is what we did and there was no way I wasn't buying the Newmar. But that's just me, and this is my first DP. I think if you are looking at 20 years on the note you may be able to get around 5% or 5.2%. As far as trade in goes we only had appraisals from Lazy Days in Tampa and North Trail in Ft. Myers. Lazy Days offered below "low retail" and North Trail gave us over $10,000 above high retail for our trade in coach. In addition Lazy Days wouldn't reduce the price of their unit nearly as much as North Trail did. This was just our recent experience between these two large Florida dealerships, you may not get the same results.
  8. SW Alabama Recommendation

    Very nice model. When you have a 40' plus model with a tag, plus Newmar's comfort drive system, you will have a hard time staying awake while driving! Keep us informed.
  9. SW Alabama Recommendation

    Wow Carl, taking the plunge at North Trail? Be careful when you get there because when I left they were pretty well stocked. While waiting on service on my coach last month I did my morning walk in their display lots. There are a ton of Essex's and Mountain Air's with your name on them!
  10. 1st MH Road Trip w/ mileage

    Never been around NYC traffic on a Friday night, or any other night for that matter. I assume you are thinking of driving straight through the whole 15 hours? Unless you are young (25 to 40 yoa) and are a third shift worker, I certainly would not suggest you drive all night. Even if there are two drivers it can be a safety issue IMHO. Tired driver's probably cause about as many accidents as drunk drivers, plus it is much easier to hit something on the road at night (animals, re-treads, debris) and damage tires.
  11. SW Alabama Recommendation

    We are currently in Azalea Acres RV Park, Robertsdale AL. We picked it based on a recommendation from friends. They had evacuated Florida before Irma hit and landed up here. It is 30 miles east of Mobile and 154 miles east of New Orleans. There are other nice size towns all around and the rural roads in this area is great for motorcycle riding/exploring. The CG is very well maintained and clean. There is no pool but it has a extremely nice laundry and bath house. Many of the sites are pull thru and over 100' long, some with concrete and some without. All interior roads are gravel but flat and smooth. Staff is very helpful and friendly. This park has probably the fastest internet we have ever found. It is much faster than our Verizon MiFi and is just as fast as our old service in our sticknbrick when we had it. For some this may be a little too far out for visiting New Orleans and Mobile. For us it is just right. We booked a month and will drive our car into those cities and do our sightseeing. The rest of the time we can enjoy this rural part of Alabama. Oh, I almost forgot the best part, their current rate is $300 a month plus electric.
  12. East Coast Florida RV park for January to April

    We mainly stay in SW Florida for the winter, so can't help you with recommendations. Your timing is good though. Folks that start trying to find a site in November are usually out of luck.
  13. Buying a gas class A

    The only way I would ever buy another Class A gas (assuming it was on a F53 chassis) is if it was going to be parked in one CG all summer and then driven less than 20 miles and stored. In other words, I would never own another one to actually travel in. We had a Thor Challenger (2014) 37GT. Did front end alignment, Safe T Plus, Sumos all around, and it was still a pain to drive down the interstate. If the thing even saw a 2% grade a mile ahead it would start screaming! If we ever get rid of our present DP we will be going back to a fiver, lots of room and good drivability.
  14. Captains chair

    I agree that the air ride seats are great for taking the "bumps" out. Last spring I drove a brand new Penske with a load to Florida from central Illinois. I'm sure the suspension was a little more stiff on it because it only had about 400 miles on. That seat made all the difference in the world but you glide up and down a lot in them, or at least in a big rig you do. In a DP with our suspensions I can't imagine needing one.
  15. Bad Week With Trucks

    So far this week a 5-ton box truck nudged the front of our Mini. Of course I thought the dumba&& was going to take the whole front end off. The only reason it happened was because he was in a hurry. In heavy 2-lane traffic he pulled out around me into the oncoming narrow lane and side swiped the front of my car. Then yesterday after 4 hours of driving in a storm we were almost out of Florida and into Alabama. The weather was clearing and I had the cruise finally set on 68mph. A flat bed truck-tractor-semi-trailer came flying around me running between 75 and 80 unloaded. He must have just dropped off some equipment that had mud and gravel all over it because dirt and rocks were flying off his trailer. Of course he pulled right back in front of me and I immediately started hearing the "pings" on the front of the coach. Got on the brakes quickly but it was too late, nice 4" crack on the right side of my windshield. Got fuel later and inspected the front of coach. At least he didn't give me any broken lights or paint chips. Another "professional" driver in a big hurry. Why not take a few minutes and either blow or sweep that trailer off before jumping on I-10 and seeing how fast your junk equipment can go!