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  1. Excessive weight on front axles

    "After having the bus weighed, Tag 9,000, Drive 13,500, Stear 14,600, I contacted Tiffin and they said I had too much weight on the Tag Axle." Even though I have a Newmar, our coaches are about the same length. When I weighed, loaded, without toad/trailer, tag was 2,860, steer axle 13,660, drives 22,020, and my coach's total weight is slightly more. So I agree, there is an issue with your tag.
  2. Verizon Mifi

    If the FMCA Verizon Unlimited Plan is somehow different than their regular plan and this is true, then it is news to me. I thought if you were on the unlimited plan then each hotspot was throttled back to 3g speeds once you hit 15gigs on that device.
  3. Surge protector?

    I had internal ones installed on two previous RVs. They were more expensive and of course went with each RV when sold. I'm sticking with external. It winds up with my power cord and I don't hardly notice it is even there anymore.
  4. Engine Braking

    I am guessing at the 9 to 10 year mark for a hose it could have been time for a replacement. I'm sure over-the-road tractors use their engine brake systems a lot.
  5. Pet Discrimination

    Wayne, you and your canine are probably the exception to the rule. I was walking in a rural area next to our old neighborhood last year when I came across a gentlemen about my age with 3 dogs. None of them were on a leach. One, a black lab, charged me. He was yelling at it the whole time to come back but it was obvious the dog wasn't going to listen to him. I simply stopped and put my hands in the air as his dog closed on me. It turned out the lab wasn't aggressive but friendly and jumped up on me as a greeting. Problem was his nails scratched the crap out of my leg, which didn't sit well with me. I kneed the lab's chest just enough to get him down off of me and began walking past. I reminded the guy that there was a leach law even in the county. He didn't apologize but turned toward his dogs and said to them "better leave Mr. Grouchy alone". Needless to say I stopped and we had a further conversation. I showed him the scratch on my leg, which was bleeding some, and warned him that with concealed carry in Florida he was taking a chance of getting his lab shot by letting him charge at folks. The guy yelled at me "so now you are threatening to shoot my dog?" Needless to say the conversation went down from there all because he owned 3 untrained canines and he refused to follow the laws about keeping them under control. Since this was my regular route to walk every morning a call was made to the Lee County Animal Control. It took them a few weeks but finally they happened to be in the area when this guy was letting his dogs run. They were going to just warn him but he copped an attitude with them so they cited him. One citation for each dog, totally just over $900.00. My tax dollars at work!
  6. Pet Discrimination

    The park we are wintering in is full of canines. The section we are in has only 3 sites that do not have dogs. All breeds and sizes are here. I get to see many of them because our site is on the back of the facility next to the pet area. Based on my experience/training as a State Police K-9 handler I have made some observations. 90% of the dogs present in this park are not being walked by their owners, they are walking their owners. I would be willing to bet that none would respond to simple commands, like "sit", "stay", or whatever. The owner's think their pets are just great, but other folks don't care for them barking, jumping up on them, or generally being misbehaved. It isn't the dog's fault, most dogs can be trained to do about anything. They thrive on the attention and training by their owners. It is most owner's are lazy and never train their pet, instead treating it like some small furry disabled baby they adopted. I love most dogs and really feel bad for them when they are not treated properly by their owners.
  7. Time for Safety Features on Motor Homes?

    Seat belts are a good thing in larger DP rigs. It will keep you in your seat during an emergency. I suppose air bags couldn't hurt if they were added. But if you have ever seen the aftermath of how large Class A RVs come apart when they roll over in an accident you will forget about many other safety features. Most of them if they are traveling at 60mph or above totally come apart when rolling over. All the extra expensive safety equipment isn't going to do you any good when that 18 year old is texting at 60mph and runs into the side of your coach, or that DUI driver crosses the median at 80mph without his/her lights on and hits you head on. You can't fix stupid as the saying goes, and in today's world there are more and more stupid driver's out there. The government can mandate more and more expensive equipment but until they get serious about some of the laws and enforcement it won't change. How about first time DUI you go to jail for 5 years automatically and can't get your license back for 20 years? First time caught texting while driving is an automatic $5,000 fine and your license gets suspended for a year? Now we're talking!
  8. RV Mask/Diamond Shield

    We will see how long it lasts. My manufacturer instructions say you are suppose to clean and then put a coating of 303 on it every month. I suspect if an owner did that and never missed a month it may last a long time.
  9. Lucking Out in Fort Myers Area

    There are certainly parts of the Caloosahatchee river that can be scenic. Please do not walk your pet next to those waters or dangle your feet in them unless you want some really good close up shots of large gators coming up out of the water! Seriously, I'm glad you folks are enjoying SW Florida. It is crowded this time of year but has a lot to offer.
  10. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    No way I'm getting rid of my backup alarm!!!!! The U.S. Army put me in my first diesel tractor trailer when I was 17 years old and taught me to drive it and maintain it. Now almost 50 years later I'm getting the opportunity to have another diesel that makes noise. I get goose bumps when my back up alarm is going off or air is being released from the brakes!!!!! If my DW would let me I would put a set of twin exhaust stacks on the rear of the coach.
  11. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    Skimmers are huge recently in SW Florida. I think the news said the other night that just in Cape Coral alone since the first of the year they have found over a dozen. Yesterday we needed gas in both the car and bike. Had a $100 rewards Shell card so I went to the closest Shell station and filled up the Mini Cooper. Later that afternoon I was in a different part of town and stopped at another Shell station on motorcycle. $100 rewards card declined. Went inside and they said the system was only taking regular credit cards. I only pumped $2.00 so on the way back through town I could try another Shell to use the rewards card. Ended up back at the same Shell station where I had filled up my car that morning. Shell rewards card refused at pump outside. Cancelled transaction and put my Shell card in, it was also refused. I went inside and they said all credit cards were being refused except debit. Now how goofy is all of this? Was Shell having computer issues throughout the area? Was my regular Shell credit card refused the second time I used it because of a previous $2.00 fuel charge? Not sure what happened but by the end of the day I was about as happy with Shell as I was with Loves.
  12. Bad Loves Fuel Stop

    Yes Brett, they had the correct amount and gallons that was reflected on the pump.
  13. Backing up 26' motorhome without a spotter

    A short RV such as yours should be extremely easy to back almost anywhere. You just need to do some practice to gain confidence. Get out and make sure nothing is in the way on the site you are backing into. It is always easier to back in from driver's side, but you will still have to get used to using both side mirrors. If you get half way in and are not sure how close something is on your blind side, then secure in place, get out and look. There is no huge hurry when trying to safely back into a camp site. You need to manage your backing skills as quickly as possible IMHO if full timing. There could be situations during the day while traveling that you will need to backup without 2 or 3 folks out there helping you.
  14. Thousand Trails (Clermont FL)

    If you originally pay $4,000 to $5,000 and then every year kick in another $500 to $600, then I suppose figuring an average of $9.00 plus per night of camping would make some folks happy. When we were full time before we averaged about $9,000 a year to $10,000 a year in camping fees. That is still less than $30.00 a night average. We never boon docked or dry camped, but we stayed in decent CG's and always had 50amp and good hook-ups. This time around with a different RV we plan on mixing in some boon docking and dry camping and expect our annual to stay between $8,000 and $9,000, which will average less than $25.00 per day. The thing is we can go where we want to and plan our travels based on where we want to go, not based on where TT has camp sites we have to use.
  15. Thousand Trails (Clermont FL)

    It very well may work for some folks. For us as full timers we like to plan our year targeting different parts of the country. As the year goes on that may or may not change, but we always have the option of doing and going where we want when we want. I'm just not going to pay a high membership to some company to stay in a bunch of different parks, some of which I have now experienced first hand are nasty. If we were part time and only staying in one section of the country then possibly TT would be okay.