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  1. So I've browsed through some of these topics already, but I have a unique situation. Our water filter broke on the water pump, which means it was at full suction. It was the original on our 2002 Bounder 31W, so of course they don't make that model anymore. I bought a new water pump thinking this would fix everything, well now I've run into the issue that it won't draw water from the tank. I hooked it up independently and it did pull water from a bucket. How would I have a crack in my line just from changing pumps? Anyone else have this issue? I also let it run for a while, and it still didn't work. It will pressurize when hooked up to city water. Thanks!!!
  2. Power Gear Jacks Only Work With Brake Pedal Down

    We have a Workhorse chassis. I don't have the schematics for my coach. I have located the switch for the parking brake, but someone (possibly previous owner) taped all the wires together. Any idea where to get the schematics for my coach? I should also add that I did some extensive "un-wiring" of a security system that was draining our battery, but it was all removing, no adding of any kind, so I don't see anywhere where it would've been connected to the system. Thanks! Jen
  3. Hi all! We have a Bounder 31W with Power Gear jacks. We recently removed a huge electric security system that was draining our battery and now have trouble with the jacks going down. The parking brake is set, but the jacks won't go down unless the brake foot pedal is pushed down. It also makes a whirring sound, like some kind of gear turning maybe? Then in order to keep the jacks down you have to turn off the car and remove the key. Otherwise if you accidentally take your foot off the brake pedal they automatically retract. Any suggestions would be helpful. I've replaced fuses, and replaced at least one relay switch. Thanks so much!