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  1. RV Body Work and Paint shop in Texas

    I second this motion. They rebuild classy coaches and have quite a following. Don
  2. Engine Braking

    Mr. Manholt. I really don't know what you are talking about. First, there is nothing in my OP that mentioned "omission engine". Where did that come from? And, what does that mean? I really believe that you and kaypsmith should be removed from posting privileges here because of your flipant and condescending responses to someone who just asked an honest question to a problem. I obviously am an inferior RVer to both of you and I bow to your superior intelligence, but you don't have to be so condescending about it. No wonder other forums out there are more frequented than this one. Geeeeeezzzzzz! Don, your humble RV subservient
  3. Engine Braking

    Kay, It was not my supposition about engine braking causing my hose problem, if you read my OP right. It was someone else. I was just asking for comments from some people with expertise. Obviously, from your sarcastic comments, you are not among those.
  4. Engine Braking

    Let's see. We've gone from a coolant hose problem to a cream for your feet. Wow. My thanks to all who were on point. Don
  5. Engine Braking

    What do you mean by an "emissions engine"? Don
  6. Engine Braking

    On a recent trip to the east coast, we were traveling south on I26 from Asheville toward Spartanburg, down the mountains and I was using the engine brake frequently on those 7 and 8* long slopes. All of a sudden the engine temp skyrocketed and we could smell the sweet smell of coolant. I pulled over immediately. We were eventually towed into Spartanburg. A water hose had burst near the engine having become hard and somewhat brittle, we later learned. We were at a Cummins facility. Later on our trip I was recounting this experience with a fellow RVer. He said I was using my engine brake too much and putting too much pressure on the engine and he guessed this could have been the cause of the hose bursting. I am skeptical. Any thoughts?? Don
  7. Mega Trip - Boerne, TX to Banff

    I guess the reason I didn't find it the first time is because the subject of the post was Glacier NP to Vancouver, instead of Banff. Thanks for the notation. I will add Tom's comments to my collection. Don
  8. Mega Trip - Boerne, TX to Banff

    Manholt I cannot find the post you are referring me to. Perhaps you can be more specific. Don
  9. I figure this trip will take at least 2 1/2 to 3 months since there are a lot of places to see along the way. Return route is unplanned as of now but may include Pacific Highway through Oregon and California, could shorten it through Idaho, Utah, etc. Any suggestions on "must sees", "avoid at all costs", etc. are appreciated. Of course, we plan to see Calgary, Lake Louise, and ?? in Alberta. Suggested routes west from there are also appreciated if you have experience with them. We plan on leaving late May and figure it could take a month to get there, with other stops. Don
  10. FMCA "Remodel / Under Construction"

    Wake up FMCA members and read Brett's post above. This organization needs to be more inclusive to sustain its membership and continue as a family oriented organization. The vast majority of RVers with families cannot afford a Motorhome unless it is an older model, and even then it may be out of reach due to storage, maintenance, etc. I don't know about you but on trips we take, the "towable" families are every bit as friendly as anyone else, and more so than certain "class A" people. I really don't understand the argument. Expand the membership, Directors. The "club" ain't sustainable any longer. Don
  11. Should You Get Extended Warranty On New Motorhome

    Bob and Wendy, I have to disagree with the ones who said it isn't worth it. It depends. I bought one 8 months after we picked ours up new. It was a 7 year policy. We have more than paid for the lump sum premium we paid up front. Like double. I am glad we had it. After factory warranties are up repairs can get very expensive. Just our experience. We have Xtra-Ride. They had paid out well. Our RV repair shop says Good Sam is the best for them to deal with, fwiw. Don
  12. Yet Another Tire pressure Question

    That "Gentleman" is asking for a problem. Things happen. I check mine before every trip. Pretty boring at times. 90, 90, 100,100, etc. except one morning before a trip and it was 90, 35, 100, 100. A valve stem had come loose from the rim. Glad I checked. If I had followed the "Gentleman's" routine, I would likely have had a blow out along the way. Don
  13. Trouble Starting Engine

    Herman and Brett. Thanks. I will contact him if need be. Much appreciated. Don
  14. Trouble Starting Engine

    Rich. I will ask them. Right now we are waiting on delivery of the TCM, so won't know for certain if that is the culprit until next week. They found one that needs programming from Allison and we should have it next week instead of the 40 day backlog with Spartan. Don
  15. Trouble Starting Engine

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. Got back from our Colorado trip and took it to the shop. The tech and Spartan have determined it is a defective TCM (Transmission Control Module). Apparently the TCM has to give its OK before the engine will start. Bad news is this part is back-ordered for 40 days. At least, so far, I can start it by first turning the key to the right first position, wait for the engine light to go out, then back to vertical, then all the way to the right without pausing, and it starts. Hope that lasts for 40 more days. Don