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  1. About To Be A Full Timer

    We are selling our house, but we have an investment property in State College , PA, home of Penn State. I have owned it so long, it is completely depreciated from a tax stand point. That address needs to be our permanent address for 2 years and one day, to satisfy the IRS. Our goal is to spend as little time there as possible during this period. State College is beautiful in the summer, and we think we may summer there. Then based on our experience rv-ing, we will either go full time, or buy a place and use the coach whenever we desire. My wife is a Gardner, that will be her struggle.I am a Car guy with a few builds left in me, and that will be my struggle. What won't be a struggle , will be traveling these United States, meeting folks such as yourself. That prospect is terribly exciting to us We have heard the common story of people starting with a smaller RV and trading up, or realizing they missed a requirement and trading. Our goal is to be one and done. Lot's and Lot's of questions.Our Goal is to own our coach by the end of March. It will be hard for me to wait that long. Will you be at Perry?
  2. About To Be A Full Timer

    Forgive me, not yet familiar with all the nomenclature. What is a "Fiver" "IMHO" Very much appreciate your input. I found out this weekend, we will not be full timers. We will be on the road 3 to 4 months at a time, followed by a few weeks to a month off the road, and then back on again. To me, I think the needs will be the same as full time?
  3. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    We are in the process of buying our first coach. It will be a diesel pusher. I have just started to research the 32 foot Tiffin. Sounds like it gets good fuel mileage. Any owners that can confirm that? How is the Navistar engine? We are looking to be on the road 3 to 4 months at a time. Is there enough storage ? Are the holding tanks large enough to boon dock for several days?
  4. About To Be A Full Timer

    Thanks for all the replys
  5. About To Be A Full Timer

    Thank you all for your responses. We have not camped much, and I do not believe life in a class A diesel, is camping. We thought about renting, but it is expensive. We are so enamored with the idea of traveling the country, and have spoken extensively with friends who own coaches, we are ready to take the leap. I am a car guy, I have modified and built many cars over the years. I think I will be able to handle some maintenance, and some , i may just pay others to do. Hopefully I will be able to handle the pesky issues on the road, that might keep us from moving on. One thing that has not been addressed is the gathering in Perry , in March. Do you think there will be used coaches offered there? I have heard so much about, how wonderfully and open this RV community is. We will not be there with a coach, but are hoping people will share their recommendations and experiences with us. One more question, Thoughts on buying from a dealer versus private owner
  6. About To Be A Full Timer

    My wife and I are about to slide into retirement. Several years ago we got the RV bug, while traveling with a friend. We have never owned an RV before. We are going to buy used, and work out of pocket, so the budget dictates the year we buy. We are going diesel pusher. I have narrowed down my brands in the following order. Newmar, Tiffin, Winnebago, and Fleetwood. Would appreciate any pluses or minuses you might know about these manufactures. I have found doing research, that to buy a Tiffin or a Newmar, we will have to buy a coach that is 1 to 2 years older than other brands. Do you believe that the value of the Tiffin or Newmar, are worth the age trade off? If we buy a Newmar,in our budget, it will most likely have only 2 slides. Do you believe there is a noticeable, difference with 3 or 4 slides veruses 2? We are planning to attend the Perry Georgia event, and thought we would wait until after the event to purchase. We are thinking we might get to meet folks who would be able to offer advice about these questions, and possibly there might be some people selling their RVs there? Lots of questions, greatly appreciate any advice.