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  1. Accessories

    Thanks for the link
  2. Accessories

    Bill, Thanks for the link.
  3. Accessories

    We are now first time coach owners. We made our purchase while in Perry. We will be picking up our coach next week, 2014 Newmar Ventana LE. Perry was quite an education for us. I left Perry believing there are a few must have accessories. Surge Protectors is one. We looked at a few in the vendor's area. One that stood out for me was Techno RV Surge Guard 34950. Has anybody had any experience with their products? They also have a Tire monitoring System, TST TPMS. Same question, any experience? Another Tire Monitoring system which seemed good was from Tire Minder, any experience with this one? RVI had a nice Tire monitoring system , it creates it's own WiFi, so you do not need to mount a remote booster. It seemed, simple straight forward. Two possible down sides. You have to send the screw on sensors back to RVI to replace the batteries, every 2 to 3 years. The monitoring screen is actually a mini IPad device. Clearly identifies the tires and can be used to create a checklist. however, do I want a screen of this size in the cockpit? Unfortunately , it cannot function as GPS. Lastly, I attended a couple of seminar's by the RV Doctor. He strongly recommended , replacing the stinky slinky with the Waste Master Sewer Hose by Lippert. I checked Amazon, it is around $130. Looking at reviews on Amazon, it gets mixed reviews. Seems as tough it might be more easily installed in a fiver or trailer than in the bay of a class A. Thoughts, Experience?
  4. American Guardian

    So while in Perry , I went to a seminar on extended warranty. The presenter thought an "exclusion policy" was a better policy. Any body have any experience with this type of warranty? When I think about slide issues and leveling jacks on an a class a, I would think the warranty could pay for itself quickly. We are about to pick up our first coach first week of April , 2014 Newmar Ventana LE. they of course want to speak with us about an extended warranty , as we finalize the paperwork.
  5. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    I had not hard of Jeanie before, my wife had. she was most enjoyable. we are in the midst of getting our home ready to sell, te transition to full time, is intense. we will probably not begin RV life until August. we will take at least a couple get to know the coach weekend trips. look forward to meeting you.
  6. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    Well, we just completed our first rally in Perry. We are so incredibly glad we went! My wife and I split up to cover as many of the seminars as possible. We learned things about RVs that we would never have thought to ask.We feel this experience has better prepared us for our first coach. The week before the event we went shopping at the majors in Florida. I am pleased to say we put a deposit on a coach. There was definitely comprising involved. I got to buy a newer budget busting coach, and my wife got a smaller coach. We bought a 2014 Newmar Ventana LE, 3433. It only has 17000 miles on it. We spoke with the former owners, they full timed in the coach for 2 years. We are heading back to FT Meyer FL first week of April to pick it up. While at a rest stop on the way to Perry we ran into a couple who have been full timing for 7 years, they have a 3412 Ventana. Between the former owners and this couple, plus our comfort level with the size and floor plan, we feel we made the right choice for us. We joined FMCA because many of the coach owners we spoke with recommended FMCA as a good resource for our learning curve. Prior to Perry, I agreed, now having been at Perry, I am a believer!
  7. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    Thanks for the follow up to all. This info has been very helpful. My wife is now open to larger coaches. We are very excited about Perry . I'm hoping after Perry we can make our purchase. All depends on what is in stock. I have seen attractive coaches and pricing in Texas and Arizona. Have any of you traveled that far to make a purchase? ( we live in Maryland) I do not mind the travel, I worry that once seeing the coach in person, it may not be in the kind of condition as represented. Even a Big Mac looks good in commercials
  8. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    Can you share how long this process takes, and what this research reveals? Thanks B
  9. About To Be A Full Timer

    Thank you for the offer. How long would it take to perform this research? Is there a Fee? What type of info would the check provide?
  10. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    We appreciate all the follow up. Months have passed since I started this thread, and we have narrowed down our purchased to a used Tiffin or Newmar. My wife and I are having a disagreement about size. I have heard all too often not to buy too small. We have looked at 34 up to 40. I do believe we could live comfortably on a Tiffin red or Ventanna in these lengths The source of our disagreement is based on my wife's desire to insure we can fit in National as well as State parks. I too want to visit and enjoy as many of these sites as possible. However when you look at the available inventory to purchase there is a much bigger selection of 38 to 40 feet than there is of 34 to 35 feet. Seeing as we cannot order our used coach from the used coach factory, we are looking for input from those of you who enjoy the parks. Do you believe a 38 to 40 foot coach would preclude us from a number of national and state parks? We would also appreciate knowing if you have a 38 to 40 foot coach , what is it about that size that you find more appealing or useful? The Perry Georgia event is rapidly approaching. We will be attending in the hopes of meeting and speaking with as many of you as possible. We will then be heading to Florida to visit LazyDays, Independence RV and and North Trail RV, in the hopes of finally making our purchase. We are very excited.
  11. About To Be A Full Timer

    We are selling our house, but we have an investment property in State College , PA, home of Penn State. I have owned it so long, it is completely depreciated from a tax stand point. That address needs to be our permanent address for 2 years and one day, to satisfy the IRS. Our goal is to spend as little time there as possible during this period. State College is beautiful in the summer, and we think we may summer there. Then based on our experience rv-ing, we will either go full time, or buy a place and use the coach whenever we desire. My wife is a Gardner, that will be her struggle.I am a Car guy with a few builds left in me, and that will be my struggle. What won't be a struggle , will be traveling these United States, meeting folks such as yourself. That prospect is terribly exciting to us We have heard the common story of people starting with a smaller RV and trading up, or realizing they missed a requirement and trading. Our goal is to be one and done. Lot's and Lot's of questions.Our Goal is to own our coach by the end of March. It will be hard for me to wait that long. Will you be at Perry?
  12. About To Be A Full Timer

    Forgive me, not yet familiar with all the nomenclature. What is a "Fiver" "IMHO" Very much appreciate your input. I found out this weekend, we will not be full timers. We will be on the road 3 to 4 months at a time, followed by a few weeks to a month off the road, and then back on again. To me, I think the needs will be the same as full time?
  13. Tiffin 32 Diesel Pusher

    We are in the process of buying our first coach. It will be a diesel pusher. I have just started to research the 32 foot Tiffin. Sounds like it gets good fuel mileage. Any owners that can confirm that? How is the Navistar engine? We are looking to be on the road 3 to 4 months at a time. Is there enough storage ? Are the holding tanks large enough to boon dock for several days?
  14. About To Be A Full Timer

    Thanks for all the replys
  15. About To Be A Full Timer

    Thank you all for your responses. We have not camped much, and I do not believe life in a class A diesel, is camping. We thought about renting, but it is expensive. We are so enamored with the idea of traveling the country, and have spoken extensively with friends who own coaches, we are ready to take the leap. I am a car guy, I have modified and built many cars over the years. I think I will be able to handle some maintenance, and some , i may just pay others to do. Hopefully I will be able to handle the pesky issues on the road, that might keep us from moving on. One thing that has not been addressed is the gathering in Perry , in March. Do you think there will be used coaches offered there? I have heard so much about, how wonderfully and open this RV community is. We will not be there with a coach, but are hoping people will share their recommendations and experiences with us. One more question, Thoughts on buying from a dealer versus private owner