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  1. First Timers - Our "New" Addition To The Family

    Thanks, guys... Red, the concrete parking spot isn't permanent, unfortunately. The covenant restrictions in our development prevent permanent parking of RVs. We can park it here until we get it loaded for our trip in 3 weeks, but after that, it goes into long term storage, which is gravel.
  2. She may be 14 years old, but I feel like we got a great first coach with this 2003 Dutch Star. The coach is in fantastic shape, the interior is near mint, and there's less than 31k miles on it. We had been looking and talking and thinking about the RV lifestyle for a couple years now, but needed some things to fall into place from a financial perspective. They finally did, and I'd been eyeing this coach at our local dealer for about 3 months. Didn't take long to pull the trigger once we had the funds available. We're going to take it out on a short "shakedown" trip in a couple weeks, and we're really looking forward to next spring when we can get it back out of storage and start planning some more complete vacations.
  3. State Farm vs Progressive Insurance

    Thanks for all the info, guys!
  4. State Farm vs Progressive Insurance

    Well, we've got multiple different Progressive quotes, and none of them quite match up. That's one of the things I'm noticing. My wife and I and our musical partner are buying this together... she has USAA, which outsources RV insurance to Progressive... that's one quote. We went directly to the website... that's a second quote... and we talked to an agent we met at the Hershey RV show this fall... that's a third quote. All for the same coach, with the same coverage... and all different numbers. I'm glad this is simple! LOL...
  5. State Farm vs Progressive Insurance

    The don't offer a lot of stuff... like diminishing deductibles, Mexico coverage, combined limits... all the things that you're told during research are important to consider when researching rv insurance. I actually told my agent today that they really don't want to be in the rv insurance business, or they'd offer better coverage. I'm leaning pretty strongly towards Progressive and just paying the $30 per month surcharge on my umbrella policy, but I did want to check in with folks here first and get some varying opinions.
  6. Hi everyone... newbies to both FMCA and MH in general... just getting ready to purchase our first MH and I'm doing some research on insurance. Progressive seems to be the leader in terms of service, but all my other stuff is with State Farm and I'll be forced to pay a premium on my umbrella liability policy if I don't use them for my RV insurance as well. The costs are pretty close to Progressive, and I have the added benefit of a local agent with whom I've had a relationship for 25+ years... but is the coverage any good? Does anyone have any experience with State Farm in terms of handling RV claims? I've not had problems in other areas, but this could be different. Thanks in advance! Eric