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  1. Check Out Our New Tech Connect+ Benefit!

    Pat I am glad to see that all is working out well for you and thanks for sharing your experience. Jason Gabbard FMCA IT Director
  2. Charles, It was my pleasure helping you to resolve this issue. I enjoy what I do here at FMCA and feel we are all a family and must work together to make this giant family run smoothly. If you are ever in need of any assistance I am here to help or point you in the direction of someone that can. Again thank you for being a part of FMCA. Jason Gabbard FMCA IT Director
  3. Charles, I am reaching out to you to get this issue resolved. I was unaware that you were having problems. We can get this resolved for you redo your billing date and have you squared away today. Thanks, Jason Gabbard FMCA IT Director
  4. FMCA Website

    Hey all just wanted to let you know that I was working in the FMCA Data Center on Saturday and had a few hiccups which resulted in having to take all of the servers down at one time. I was able to get them back up pretty quickly. I was attempting a server swap out without taking down the entire server farm but was unable to do so. I apologize for any down time that you may have experienced. Also just to note we are aware of the slowness of the fmca.com website and this is being addressed in the new website build.
  5. Check Out Our New Tech Connect+ Benefit!

    Extended LTE is included in the plan unlimited this does not go against your roaming. See clip from Sprint page.
  6. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    The sprint plan through FMCA is getting a lot of attention. The truly Unlimited aspect of the plan seems to be really beneficial to the current users of the plan. There are users that have exceeded 80gb of usage and have not been networked managed. PLease review the Map below to see the 3G/4G/LTE/extended LTE Coverage that sprint can provide.
  7. Check Out Our New Tech Connect+ Benefit!

    I will say that the above pictures only show 4G coverage. The maps do not show the extended LTE that is available. Below you can see the coverage included with sprint covering 3G/4G/LTE/ExtendedLTE. When the term truly unlimited is used in the plan it really means truly Unlimited.