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  1. Furnace Performance

    Yes, heat is coming out of the vent, but I don't know what "normal" is?
  2. Furnace Performance

    I opened the vent under the fridge and the vents are connected, but I couldn't get to where I could see the flame. It definitely was heating but the question now is whether it is heating enough. I saw no evidence of insect stuff. It is a Suburban furnace but I still don't know the size.
  3. Furnace Performance

    Thanks for the feedback. The RV is in storage in the Denver area (and was bought from a dealer used and supposedly from previously owned in Colorado Springs) so I don't have access to the owner's manual right now. I looked the other day and I think it was Dometic, but the manual was for many different sizes so I don't know the size now. The outside vent does blow hot air exhaust. Funny the owner's manual doesn't list a furnace but it does have one. I'll get the gas pressure checked when I can as that would explain why the furnace is under performing but the stove tops work great.
  4. Furnace Performance

    I recently bought a 2010 Lexington 255 GTS. My home gas furnace kicks on and immediately starts throwing out warm then hot air. In the RV , 55 degrees, with a 1/2 tank of propane, I get cool air for a few minutes, and then barely warmer air but never like at home. Takes 2 hours to go from 55 to upper 60s with thermostat (analog) set at 80. Is this normal for a RV furnace? I can run all three stove burners at once with good flames on all 3.