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  1. RV Friendly Gas Stations

    Hello all, We're new to FMCA as well so bear with me as I ask questions that may have been answered already. Wife and I will start traveling part time this year in our 34' Four Winds 'Hurricane' (Triton V-10) this year and like the OP I too am looking for RV friendly GAS stations. I see Flying J and Pilot mentioned a number of times in searching the forum but usually in conjunction with diesel fuel topics so I guess my primary questions would be; are Flying J and Pilots good for gas rigs like mine, and are the rewards cards extended to non-diesel customers? I checked the FJ site and it appears to be geared towards diesel purchases. If the rewards aren't for anything other than a free coffee cup I'm not so concerned about that as I am being able to find these stations, enter, exit and still have my bumpers on afterwards and get a competitive price for gasoline. Thx!