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  1. I had the truma CP plus had been heating. I believe I have the water pump on it's hard to tell on and off. I've done it both directions I'm plugged in, I have it on Mix electric and gas as I was told to have it on mix 2. I can't tell that any fuses are blown, nothing looks out of the ordinary. The tech support again is not answering their phone at night. Any ideas?
  2. Hi- I have a 2018 Dynamax Forest River REV 24 TB, with a 2015 Ram ProMaster Chassis gasoline 280 HP 3.6L V6 with 6-Speed Automatic and Overdrive.It came with a 1 5/8" hitch! It seems my only option for a two inch hitch, is a Hidden Hitch, but the exterior width of the RV is 92". Haven't found one that long. The dealer I bought the from, just said go to Forest River, and they sent me to Dynamax.I have a Genuine Buddy Scooter 50cc weighs 198 lbs and I'm looking at getting the Tilt-a-Rack weight capacity 400 lbs. to load and carry it. 46-58 lbs, so 257 lbs total.Suggests on what type of hidden hitch should I get?When I asked Dynamax they did not say anything about adding a Hidden Hitch - "Dynamax emailing you to let you know that would advise against adding a carrying rack for your scooter on the rear of your unit. Our general manager here at Dynamax has informed me that the Promaster is a pretty lightweight chassis and the current tongue weight rating is only 200lbs. The scooter and ramp alone would exceed that rated weight and it would be dead weight i.e. bouncing when you hit bumps, etc.. What we would recommend is a front mounted device as there is more weight available on the front axle that the rear. I am not sure if they make that, but with all the cargo in the rear, additional weight would push the limits of that rear axle." So has anyone else put on a hidden hitch? I asked a Expert and this was his response, "We don't have any front hitches for your chassis. Only rear hitches like the part # 75882 which have quite a bit of capacity, but if you have RV I can't guarantee this would fit without issue." advice would be appreciated. Thanks!