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  1. 1993 Cummins 8.3l Issues

    Check the fuel lines for crack too, this was my problem on my 97 Foretravel.
  2. Do You Have A Motorcycle With You While RV'ing?

    Thanks Brett, When I go pick it up someday, I am going to try and get a plant tour and ask a lot more question of them "LOL"
  3. Do You Have A Motorcycle With You While RV'ing?

    No way??? That's not bad at all. I wonder how a Uni-Frame coach will handle it?
  4. Do You Have A Motorcycle With You While RV'ing?

    That look interesting, what do they run about 10 coach bucks?
  5. Do You Have A Motorcycle With You While RV'ing?

    I have traveled with 2 bikes in my 5th wheel R1200GS and FE450 Husky but now with the Foretravel I will either use a trailer and bring them or just get a hitch carrier for the Husky. I am in the process of putting a sidecar on the GS so it wont fit on a hitch carrier.
  6. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Oops, honoring Bretts request
  7. Fridge Not Cold Enough

    you might want to try this
  8. RV Navigation App

    I have used Basecamp since it came out on my zumo. It does have some quirks but once you get used to them you can spot them and fix them. My biggest problem is the GPS reroutes you without asking. best thing is to know where your turns are so when it tries to get you to exit every off ramp on a right had curve because it is a shorter distance you will know better
  9. RV Navigation App

    I just got my Garmin RV770 today, it contains all sorts of information. As soon as it charges up I will see how well it plays with BaseCamp.
  10. Firearms

    As per the link below if you are legal to own a firearm and traveling from one place where it is legal to another place where it is legal you can cross a state where they dont like it but it must be stored unloaded where it is not readily accessible from the passenger compartment. § 926A
  11. Are You A Veteran?

    Thanks for the welcome and thanks to all for their service.
  12. Are You A Veteran?

    1. Steve Allen 2. KS Army Guard 3 1970 – 1978 When JC started running us off 4, E5 Sgt RTT Team Chief 5. KS, Ft Lenard Wood 6. Birth Father was one of the surviving Battling ******** of Bataan. I did go on to support military as a Mfg Eng in Aircraft T-37, A-7, B1B, the sneaky Black bomber, J-Stars, C17, G Hawk, Black Hawk