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  1. Towing Lights

    I bought a 2009 Saturn Vue for a toad and am going to wire it for lights. I have no preference on wiring harnesses. I have a demco towbar and baseplate that came with the mh. What wiring harness would you recommend and and I assume that I will need to install 4 diodes in the tail light fixtures. Is that correct and is there a best diode for it? Paul
  2. Air Bags Replacement

    Okay guys thanks so much for the help. You have given me enough info to keep me busy for a while. I'll let you know how it goes. Paul
  3. Air Bags Replacement

    Herman, I probably need to observe it more closely but it does air up and stays up while driving but the air pressure gauge goes down fairly quick when I kill the engine. I suppose I have only four air bags or at least that's all I have found so far. I'm pretty mechanically inclined so I may try to take it off and see if I can find a part number. Thanks for the help everyone, Paul
  4. Air Bags Replacement

    I have a 2003 Monaco Windsor 40' and am confident the front drivers side airbag needs to be replaced. Does anyone know where I could get it replaced in the northwest Houston or Bryan/College area? Paul
  5. I just hope it's the same filter!🤷‍♂️ Thanks and thanks for the welcome. I graduated from 5th wheel to mh. Looking forward to getting down your way for some fresh seafood and Skippers for breakfast. Just pitching in since I noticed you guys like to talk about food!😃 Paul
  6. Okay got it. WaterPur CCI-10-Ca-$38. Each rv store WaterPur CCI-10-CLW-2 pack for $16.95 (amazon) I'm guessing this may be a knockoff. Thanks Paul
  7. Make and model of what the mh? 2003 Monaco Windsor PST 40' Paul
  8. Would someone tell me if the water purification filter brand is a big deal? I have a Flow-pur 8-2 cartridge assembly. I went to the local rv dealer and paid $76 for what it looks like on Amazon I can get for about $17 a piece or $34. 2003 Monaco Windsor PST 40' Paul