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  1. Back-up Camera Problem

    I have had to replace two camera systems on two different motor homes. Installing a new cable was a pain, but doable. If I have to do it again, I will do cable. I don’t want to have outside interference blank out my camera as what happens with my TPMS when a truck passes me.
  2. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    It is a majority of the ballots cast.
  3. Newbies Just Lucky to be Here!

    Make your reservations now. The best go very early.
  4. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    We frequently travel I-44 from MO to Oklahoma City. We have made the trip so many times that we don't sightsee along the way. We just want to get there. The tolls are less cost than trying to traveling non-toll roads.
  5. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    But does the Oklahoma Pike Pass work in Texas?
  6. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    The Southwest pass I purchased from Oklahoma does not include Texas. Texas is to be added, but I don't know when.
  7. Electronic Toll Collection Information

    I have two transponders: 1 For the northeast area of the country purchased on web from Illinois because they don't have a monthly charge. 2 Southwest also purchased on web from Oklahoma. I got my first one before traveling to West Springfield from Indiana. Thought I would have a lot of tolls, but only less than $3.00 for one bridge. Both require a deposit and automatically recharge your credit card when the minimum level is reached. They work well and tolls are a little less. The convenience is the best benefit.
  8. Membership

    FMCA's retention is better than similar organizations.
  9. Tire Pressure Recommendation

    Weigh all four corners and use the manufacturers recommended pressure from their tire charts, but add 5 to 7 pounds for safety.
  10. Membership

    Like the trend.
  11. Membership

    Charlie Adcock announced at least twice that I remember that the membership was 72,000 plus. Don't remember the exact figure. But it was closer to 73k than 72k.
  12. Problem

    After going through all the forum categories I want to read, I go all the way back to the top and select the 3 bars. From the drop down I select Mark Forum Read. I get a circle with a statement Loading which does not end and the various topics still show unread.
  13. Membership

    It was!
  14. There are two service providers, Dish & DirecTV. We have had DIRECTV since we purchased our first motor home in 1997. No problems with service, but our dish antenna and receiver are obsolete. A new receiver isn't a problem, but the dish is about $2000. We do have ABC, CBS & NBC FEEDS from New York and LA which is nice as we travel across the country. Local channels over the air are better definition, but not always available.
  15. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    The recruiting plan you suggested is in place with dealers, but very few (Lazy Days is exception) take advantage of using it. Most want to close the deal not realizing the potential of return buyers because they have gotten involved with FMCA.