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  1. Over weight and under inflation.
  2. You can get a stitching awl at Backpacking stores or order on line. The thread comes in tan or black and about the weight of 10# fishing line. I have used it to repair awnings and the straps on backpacks which are heavier than you would be sewing through.
  3. I agree with Brett. Last year my total expenses was $1.54 per mile of which 60% was depreciation.
  4. We also received a check, yesterday. Not as much, but our replacement cost may have been less since I did the installation. Four year total is to be $742.20, or about 2/3's of my expense.
  5. I would use weatherstrip cement available at most auto parts stores.
  6. Why not just wait for the results of the vote. A poll or straw vote doesn't do us any good.
  7. Some Area rallys do have dealers not manufacturers bring coaches. Great Lakes Area has been in Goshen, Indiana the past 3 years besides the dealers two manufacturers did bring coaches. They were from the Elkhart area.
  8. The Governing Board approved sending ballots to all the membership to vote. The ballots will go out in the September, October, & November issues of Family Motor Coaching.
  9. Today, the FMCA Governing Board will vote to decide whether or not to send the issue on to the membership. If they do, the ballot will be in the September, October & November issues of Family Motor Coaching. Your ballot must be returned by the end of November. If the Governing Board does not recommend to send the issue on, it is dead for at least another year.
  10. Dump now. Don't wait that long between dumps.
  11. If I remember correctly, your unit has a Manblok water manifold. Try turning off the sink hot and cold and refrigerator cold lines to be sure the leak is not before the other valves or ice maker shut offs. I once had a leak from the hot water heater that is in the rear of the coach. Leak showed in the outside bin below the kitchen sink, mid coach.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Safe travels.
  13. FMCAssist is one of the greatest benefits that enables recruiting new members. Plus it is for me to have the assurance that it provides. An equivalent insurance ( Good Sam is not insurance) policy for a couple would be $110 to $129 per year. There are policies out there that exceed $500 per year. Also, FMCA is a not for profit social organization which prevents FMCA selling to non-members.
  14. When you are online to order your passes, be sure to check to see if they have a monthly fee. Illinois does not, but some of the eastern states for their pass that covers the same area do charge a monthly fee.
  15. I bought mine from Illinois online. It covers the northeast. Also bought Oklahomas that covers the southwest, but not Texas. The online site listed above will tell what states. Both of my transponders are on the windshield about where a rear view mirror would be lacated. Mine are set update automatically with $40.00. You don't need more because as you travel, the automatic update will keep you going. Both include the motor home and the towed auto. Which is less that putting a transponder on each vehicle.