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  1. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    I don’t believe those are the reasons. I have had our coach weighed br RVIA and was weighed in less than 10 minutes wait time and blocking of traffic.
  2. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    RVIA stated they didn’t have enough teams to do all the requested sites.
  3. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    No one to weigh at GLAMARAMA this year.
  4. FMCA Road Side Rescue Program

    Low rate and backed by a company that has been in the Roadside Assistance business for a long time.
  5. ?8 Point Torx Bits?

    Actually, I found that they are square drive. The other set of four points is square also. Having them offset from the other allows assembly to be faster going down the line. Their driver bits will register faster.
  6. FMCA Roadside Assist: Other Vehicles Covered?

    Dan: Thank you for the specifics.
  7. FMCA Roadside Assist: Other Vehicles Covered?

    All vehicles that you list on the application are covered under the one yearly fee. I don’t remember how many vehicles besides the RV can be listed.
  8. Directions To The FMCA Round Bottom Road CG

    Using Hwy 32 from the southeast is still the better route. Some of the Executive Board have 45 foot motor homes and tow an auto. Shouldn't be a problem, just take the turn off Hwy 32 on to Roundbottom slowly.
  9. Introduction

    Hi Herman. We winter in Arizona; therefore, no Perry. It is 2,000 miles and 1 1/2 months too early for us to return to Indiana. We had a good but very quiet Christmas. We should be at Gillette. Hope to see all there. Ross
  10. Introduction

    Welcome. Visit the forum often. There is a wealth of information and knowledge.
  11. One Member One Vote

    The system presented is exactly why our founding fathers put into the constitution the Electoral College to prevent big population areas or geographical areas to over control the vote. That is why we have the Governing Board.
  12. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Several years ago this concept was proposed. It was titled “The Bar” that had as I remember 10 reps from each of the ten areas plus the Executive Board. So the Governing Board would have about 75 members. That is a manageable number. How many Board of Directors of companies do you know that have greater than 400 members. The problem with having a representative for every 300 members would still be a Governing Board of about 250 members. Also, without correction for geographic concentration, the coasts would control the organization. I would be against this change. Keep in mind any change such as this would have the be passed by the current Governing Board structure.
  13. How Do MH Engine Batteries Receive Their Charge?

    It depends. If we knew your make, model and year of your RV, more factual information could be provided. But you chassis batteries are charged while driving and usually the coach batteries are also. My motor home charges the chassis batteries until charged and switches to the coach batteries. When plugged in or on generator, the chassis batteries are charged and then switches to the coach batteries. The problem on my motor home is that as the chassis batteries discharge, the land line or generator charge does not switch back to the chassis batteries to top them off. There are devices to utilize a portion of the current used to charge the coach batteries to charge the chassis batteries. Your RV may not have one of those devices or it may automatically switch back to top off the chassis batteries.
  14. On our previous coach with HWH, the adjustment was simply about a 6”dia plate with three probes. By adjusting the screws near the probes more or less the jacks could be fine tuned. It is easier if two people work together. One to adjust and the other to extend/retract and read a level. I think it took about 10 minutes.
  15. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    Our resort is in Arizona. We winter there and do so for all the amenities.