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  1. Anyone Interested In A Forum Rally?

    I would prefer a Meet & Greet during the Gillette Convention. When you volunteer, it is difficult for us to attend pre or post rallies.
  2. Cat engine codes

    Try Google for Caterpillar 3126B code xx. Some show two codes for an error.
  3. Diesel Motorhome MPG-- Honest Answers Please

    We have a 2006FLEETWOOD Expedition and Cat C-7. Just completed a trip from Arizona to Indiana of 1820 miles with 6.72 mpg.
  4. Recommendation for Wi-Fi

    I have had internet data service several times when I couldn’t make cellular calls and I could see the cell tower. Seems that cellular data gets through even when voice will not.
  5. Recommendation for Wi-Fi

    We have used our data plan on our cellphones as our only internet connection for our laptops (30 gb/mo), but I don’t think I would stream tv shows. Even wifi at most campgrounds would not support streaming well enough.
  6. Roadside Assistance

    VAS is the parent provider and supports many different organizations. At one time I believe they did Coachnet and Good Sam. I have signed up for three years. I am sure someone will not be satisfied, but neather have all been pleased with Good Sam, Coachnet and all the others
  7. FMCA Plates

    Probably need to check with FMCA to get suppliers information.
  8. CPAP while Boondocking

    Installing a 12 outlet for your 12 vdc to 24 vdc resmed power brick is fairly easy. Just be sure the center contact is positive. Using this connection is much more efficient than using an inverter.
  9. LEDs and RF interference

    Relatively common problem with low cost LED fixtures, particularly if they are on a dimmer. You can go on line a search for add on filters. I added one on a friends rv about 4 years ago, but I don’t remember what it was called or where to get it other than I ordered via Amazon.
  10. Perry Rally

    Gillette July 18-22, 2018. Probably Chandler for FMCA Convention March 2019. Don’t know when INTO Area rally will be or where.
  11. 27580R22.5 tire pressures

    First I suggest you weigh all four corners. Based on the highest weight corner for each axel, while cold, set pressure to what the tire manufacturer recommends plus 5 to 10 pounds but not over the max shown on side wall. You should be OK then. Mine are set to 107 pounds for all four corners. I then see 120 to 124 pounds after the tires get warm. Do not let out any air. If you do, you will be under inflated.
  12. FMCA Assist VS Goodsam Travel Assist

    OK. I went out to the Good Sam site and the benefits are similar with a few differences. If you are not a new member and you want a plan for a couple the cost is about $90/year or $20 more per year than the FMCA benefit. They do offer the plan for less if you are a new member. For what is worth, I just renewed FMCA’s for 3 years.
  13. FMCA Assist VS Goodsam Travel Assist

    I think there is confusion between FMCAssist which is repatriation insurance included in your dues and FMCA Roadside Assistance (The name has changed to FMCA Rescue) which is for breakdown services for your RV and has a separate charge of $69/year if you sign up for three years.
  14. Annual mileage and how old is your coach?

    2006 coach purchased in 2008. We have put on 90,000 miles or average of 9,000 per year.
  15. Wash Wax All

    I must be older than you. I remember Bon Ami when it was a cake that you put on a few drops of water and the used a small sponge or rag to use it. Don’t ever remember a spray can.