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  1. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    Thank you all for your help.
  2. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    No known leaks but the ends of the lap joints at the trim pieces are missing the end caps. I don't want to have any water issues in the future at the end joints on the trim.
  3. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    Oops forgot its gel coated side panels = smooth
  4. Exterior Sealers: 1999 Fleetwood

    The coach is an American Eagle executive edition. I need to seal lap joints and trim pieces on the sides of the exterior and. I have read online to not use silicone sealant. The previous owner use clear silicone. It has turned yellow & looks like crap. I would like to us a clear sealant with a good UV rating that wont turn yellow over time. The roof is RV armor sealed and has a lifetime warranty.
  5. Looking for info on body maintenance. I am looking for info on sealing the exterior of our 1999 Fleetwood. I am sure that other FMCA members would find a use for this info helpful.