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    We travel too much to do that. I didn't say I wanted them to be "comfortable". LOL. ^^very good info.... thank you! I'll research North Trail.

    We've been doing a lot of traveling in our 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U. Because we spend SO much time traveling, we are thinking we may want to "upgrade" to a larger coach. We are looking at : -2012 or newer -40' or larger -Tag axle? -A Coach that is better for entertaining.... we need a sitting area that would allow 8-10 folks to sit and converse easily. In researching over the past couple of weeks I think we may have it narrowed down to Tiffin or Entegra. Any suggestions regarding these would be appreciated. Customer service and the availability of service and repair is an important consideration. I also would love your thoughts on tag axle vs. non-tag. Our current Fleetwood (non-tag) rides pretty rough. With that said, maybe I should also ask which drives smoother..... Frieghtliner or Spartan? While I'm stacking questions into one post.... what about a financing recommendation.... right now we have Bank Of The West and have %5.99 for 20 years. Anything better out there right now? Lastly, we are trading our Fleetwood in (obviously) and still owe..... we are waiting on appraisals from Lazy Days (Tampa) and MHSRV (Alvarado TX). If anyone has recommendations on where may be a better place to trade / purchase I'm interested in that information as well. I find FMCA forums are the best for discussion and advice so, thank you in advance.

    Yes....we hung out at T-Bones that evening. We own an online radio station and our purpose for being there was to broadcast the Pirates & Poets Songwriter Showcase live on air. The show must go on, and did. Luckily since we own the station the boss has no problem with me drinking a few beers at "work". I've always had good luck at REV Group Alvarado but never had engine work done there. With that said, I'm going to give Texas Custom Coach in Pipe Creek a call. Thank you for the recommendation. ************EDIT: Texas Custom Coach only does maint. They don't do this type of work.

    $829.43 later it's patched up. Will probably order the OEM part from Freightliner and have the patched part replaced next time I can make it to REV Group Alvarado. But.... for now..... we're back on the road!

    They offered... but I'd rather not have it towed unless it's 100% necessary.... as of right now.... I think it can be fixed where we are.

    I've got Mike from Mobile RV Repair working on it. The part (pipe) is on 1 month backorder according to Freightliner. Mike has a welder that works on high performance boats working in it. The guy swears it will be better than new! We've decided to stay in town for an extra couple of days to "test" it before we hit the interstate. I'm also thinking of placing an order for the OEM part to switch it out when I get a chance. I'll update you later today...... ETR is mid-afternoon today (March 29).
  7. I just crushed my coolant line at the bottom of the engine driving into a steep parking lot. Looking for mobile RV repair recommendation in Kemah TX (Southest Houston) Looks like the pipe carrying coolant is crushed and the two rubber hoses attaching that to the engine are also torn. Anyone know a good mobile RV repair in SW Houston?
  8. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    UPDATE: I contacted Fleetwood to ask if this would be covered under warranty since my coach is less than 10 months old.... They replied "Yes", then I said, "to be sure, I should let you know I'm over 15,000 miles". She replied, "Oh, no, you are over 15,000 miles, it is NO LONGER under warranty". I then ask where a recommended repair facility near San Antonio is.... she recommended Ancira in Boerne. I contact them..... no appointments until April.... that doesn't work for us... we live in it, and travel full time. Ancira RV recommends Boerne RV (830) 816-3883. I give them a call and they can take a look at it in a few days, the exact date I'm driving through Boerne. I drop it off, and explain about it not being under warranty..... he looks puzzled and said he'll take a look at the issue and see what is wrong with it. One hour later I get a call telling me it's the compressor, and COLEMAN is going to cover it under warranty. He didn't have to make that call, but he did. If you are in the San Antonio area give Boerne RV a call for repairs! (830) 816-3883.
  9. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    I'll check that... unlikely it was the issue... we had just been plugged in for days.
  10. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Thank you! Will check them out next week!
  11. Roof A/C compressor not working?

    Both legs getting 120 V. (according to my onboard central monitor panel) Not frozen since we just turned the A/C units on. Warranty? I hope.... we are now over the 15,000 mile warranty period, although still within a year. I'll call Fleetwood once I'm sure it's not something simple I'm missing. I won't have time to have anyone look at it until next week. Anyone have recommendations for an RV A/C tech in the McDade TX area? (Just SE of Austin).
  12. I have a 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U with 2 roof units. They both are Coleman - Mach. The controller is an RVComfort.zc It seems the compressor for #2 is not working properly.... #1 is only appears to be drawing 4 amps.... and really doesn't feel like it's cooling much. #2 is not pulling anything (so not on) but then it kicks on for a second and amps jump to about 50 for a second, generator struggles.... then it stops drawing...... it kicks up like that very randomly.... maybe a minute or two apart. I've shut them both off for now..... Right now I am not at a location I can plug in so I can't see if it does this same thing on shore power. Ideas of what it may be?

    ^^ How did you bypass that switch? Simply splice the two wires together that go into the little black thingy? (cut, and spice together?)

    I've got a 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U. Under our tilt-a-bed there is a magnet next to a small thin black plastic device that has 2 wires running in (my guess is one is running "in" and one is running "out".... both wires are black) If this magnet gets bumped (very rare, but it happens) then the slide out will not operate until I move the magnet around to find the sweet spot once again. Right now it's working fine.... but, I am curious....... What the heck is that magnet for? Is it possible to bypass that magnet? Maybe cut the two wires and connect them together? I assume the magnet closes some sort of circuit for those two wires..... so if I were to permanently close that circuit I'd never have a magnet issue again? It must be some sort of safety feature.... but, I don't like it.... I'd include a picture but it's under the tilt-a-bed and a pain to get to.
  15. Cost of Use

    I've done the math..... NOT counting depreciation...... it cost me about 40 cents per mile to operate my 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U (diesel pusher). This includes fuel, DEF, insurance and scheduled maintenance. Since it's under warranty I haven't included any repairs. Used in calculations: 8.9 MPG, Diesel cost 2.85 gallon, DEF is about 500 MPG and cost 3.00 gallon. Engine oil change every 15,000 miles cost $400, generator oil change $40 every 200 hours. (then I add a couple cents for tire use, coolant, etc that will be future cost.)