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  1. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    OK.... I have the final answer from Fleetwood! Miles start at 0 regardless of how far they drove it from the factory to the dealership to deliver it. Time starts on the date of sale. (^^^^^ by the way...... if I had simply read the manual I am told it's in there somewhere..... ) My 6 month old RV with 16,000 miles, (1,000 of which from delivery), is technically out of warranty. With that said..... I do have great news. The fantastic folks at Fleetwood and REV Group are going to cover the items I've already noted and made an appointment to get repaired!!!!! They even asked if anything else is needed to be looked at while I'll be there.... why, yes, now that you mention it... my water pump just went out..... their reply "we'll cover it". Assuming they are true to their word.... I'm really happy with the customer service I'm receiving. I'll update you guys once we pick it up from REV Group in a couple of weeks!
  2. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    Here is what I was told by Fleetwood Customer Service.... it's 15,000 miles regardless of how many miles Fleetwood put on it for delivery to the dealership. I feel sorry for those that buy it in San Diego..... that's a lot of warranty you don't get. I'm requesting confirmation of what customer service told me via "contact" on the website. Here is my question.... if the warranty on miles started at the end of the assembly line, then I guess the "1 year" started then also.... so, you've got 1 year from the day your coach was built.... right? So if the RV is on the lot for 12 months... too bad... no warranty. I know for a fact cars don't work that way.... the warranty is 36,000 miles + the number of miles that were on it when you drove it off the lot. (I know this because I had a Chevy Avalanche that fell into that very small gap and they covered it)
  3. Leveler Jack Leaking

    OK.... semi-update....... I've got a grease gun and lithium grease. Gave the offending (leaking) jack a triple shot...... here is the fun part.... the grease fitting came off and got stuck in the grease gun..... what the heck? Took the fitting out of the grease gun and tapped it back into the jack.... I don't know whey that doesn't thread in.... but, oh well..... I'll give y'all and update in a few days to see if it's still leaking......
  4. Water Pump Inoperative

    Checked the fuse. 10amp. It is fine. note: when fuse is pulled (or out) the indicator lamp on switch will not illuminate.)
  5. Water Pump Inoperative

    It is below freezing here during the night..... we have been running the propane basement heater since we are living in the coach..... the basement area seemingly has been kept pretty toasty. We are on city water, and have been, so of course that is allowing us to have water with no issues. I just know we'll be boondocking next week so I'd like to figure the pump out. I'll look for the fuse now.
  6. Water Pump Inoperative

    I know what you guys are thinking.... "dang, this guy has a new problem everyday". Yes, I think I do. Today: Water pump inoperative. Indicator lamp shows it is on, but when needed, it doesn't run. Nothing.... (I assume it's not running since I can't hear it... and in the past, I could). Not sure if the indicator lamp means it has power, thus no problem with fuse????? Speaking of fuse, anyone have an idea of where that might be, before I call Fleetwood? Also.... where is the pump? Probably near the water intake? My coach info: 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrrow 36U As always... thank you in advance for the advice!
  7. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    yep... we let them know.
  8. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    Drop and leave.... although we are "full time" we normally schedule service in Alvarado since the in-laws live nearby and we can stay with them while the work is done.
  9. Leveler Jack Leaking

    All great info. My only concern about removing the jack myself is capping off the lines then upon re-install getting air in the lines. I did notice the grease fitting.... I think I'll get a grease gun and white lithium grease to give that a shot.... also to maintain the other jacks. I will be contacting Fleetwood about the warranty on January 2nd (once they are open). Worse case.... if they have to replace the jack I'm going to ask to keep the old one.... then maybe get a quote to have it repaired..... if affordable repair it and I'll have an extra ready for the next time one goes bad.... because we know it will! I'll update y'all once I get more info so if anyone searches the issue here they'll know what the outcome was. Thank you.... and additional input is welcome.
  10. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    Right now I'm in Gulf Shores AL but have an appointment to have the work done at REV Group Alvarado TX on January 18th. I'd assume all 1,060 miles were delivery miles to the dealer (MHSRV in Alvarado TX). On google maps it shows about that many miles from the factory to the dealership.
  11. Warranty Question: Fleetwood

    I was wondering about the exact expiration of warranty. I purchased my 2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U on May 28, 2017. It had 1,060 miles when I purchased it new from MHSRV. Question: On a car warranty it starts the day you drive off the lot, so, if the new car has 200 miles on it, the 36,000 mile warranty is good to 36,200 miles. Are RVs the same? So my 15,000 mile warranty would expire at 16,060 since I drove it off the showroom floor with 1,060? Issue #2- Even it the warranty is good to 16,060, it will expire by the time I get to the service facility... by a couple hundred miles. I've got several problems to be fixed, and they happened while under warranty, but as I said, by the time the coach makes it to the service facility, I'll be slightly over mileage. Is there a way to have it covered under warranty? One of my issues is a repeat issue from warranty work in October..... a few thousand miles ago..... does that make any difference? I've tried to call Fleetwood customer service, but they are closed until Tuesday. Just trying to get a head start on some information using the smart people on this forum. Thank you in advance- Eric
  12. Leveler Jack Leaking

    I've got a leak on one of my leveler jacks. Symptoms were "jacks down" alarm. Also one jack was losing pressure / raising a little putting me unlevel once leveled. I figured out the alarm was due to the low fluid level, and the low fluid level is due to the leak between the shaft and housing (shiny thing and what it goes up into). I have an appointment to bring it in for service in a few weeks to REV Group in Alvarado TX. They are saying they intend to replace the part.... no quote, but I've seen the part for sale online for about $900. So, I'm probably looking at 1200 bucks by the time they upcharge and install. Any advice from you folks on alternatives? BTW- Warranty will expire by the time I get to Alvarado... by a couple hundred miles. My coach (2017 Fleetwood Pace Arrow 36U) was purchased NEW May 28, 2017 with 1,060 miles. I ASSUME the 15,000 mile warranty started when I drove off the lot so it would be good until 16,060?????? I'll hit about 16,300 or so by the time I make it to Alvarado.... can't bring it into service where I am at because we live in it.... we have a place to stay outside of RV in TX. Any advice on the warranty issue would also be appreciated. Picture of jack attached.
  13. Surge Guard Cutting Shore Power Off?

    UPDATE: We're at a different park....... no issues here.... so, it's safe to assume it was the 50amp pedestal at the other park.
  14. Vacuflush System Pump Failure

    well... part ordered (actually entire pump assembly).... $260 including shipping and tax to thousand trails Orlando.... will be here in 5 days. I'll install myself.... so, that's it... $260.... not bad..... would have been even better if my warranty had not expired 300 miles ago.... time to look into an extended warranty I guess. side note: The bellow seems to be more rigid type of plastic than you'd think for a flexible item.... I just wish I knew what made it crack to prevent it on the new one down the road. We do live in the RV so maybe 7 months of flushing does that?
  15. Vacuflush System Pump Failure

    Woke up this morning and decided to hit the switch.... pump began to run!!! great news right? I hooked it up to find it leaking from the top of the assembly pretty bad.... so, I took the pump apart.... the "bellows" is cracked. $100 part. I think I'll just an entire new pump assembly for $250 and keep the rest of my old one for parts for the next time it breaks.