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  1. We need to all sit around a campfire and discuss this over a few adult beverages. Ken
  2. Crazy slow internet here...... Sorry for the double... Ken
  3. jleamont, I am a retired mechanical engineer and do not see any major issues between a large modern 5th wheel and a large diesel truck. We all use the same appliances, and same systems for water and waste. My 5er has hydraulic levelers, residential fridge, PSW inverter, solar panels, automatic satellite dish, hydraulic slides, etc. The diesel truck has coolers for the transmission and engine, filters, brakes, tires, etc. The 5er has suspension and brakes that are designed for a 5er, not a motorhome, so here are some differences. But there are more similarities than differences. A towable and a motorized unit towing a dinghy each have issues parking and maneuvering. Having had motorhomes, bumper pulls, 5ers, pop ups and tents, each is a little different and you get what is suited to the way you travel and RV. As I continue to age, I will probably migrate back to a smaller motorhome just for the ease in moving about. As for the RV lifestyle, we all enjoy the comradeship of others. We have met great people in all sorts of RVs and then we have also met some really undesirable people in all sorts of RVs. We find lots of construction workers following their jobs and they always have towables and use the truck for work. I am a ham radio operator and we are facing issues in trying to get more people in the hobby. The governing bodies are looking to open up more frequencies to the lowest class license holders. This is not setting well with those of us that have studied and passed the exams to operate on these frequencies. Here the new guys are getting a free ride. Is this right? We will find out over the next year. Have a great day folks, in what ever type RV you use. Ken
  4. Well dang, some people really have a way of making all of use poor trailer trash feel welcome to the formerly exclusive motorhome only group. Sure makes me have seconds thought about joining a group with such resentment. We used to have a class A and belonged to FMCA, but decided for fulltime living a 5th wheel was better suited to what we wanted. Maybe the group needs to have another vote and kick the trailer trash to the curb and refund our dues. Ken
  5. Sound deadening

    We had a 1999 Minnie Winnie class C on the Ford chassis and it had no insulation in the cab floor. The carpet was glued directly to the metal floor. The engine dog house had a thin metal heat shield. I pulled the seats and all of the carpet. I ordered a 1/2" thick fiber heat insulation with a foil backing, high temperature spray adhesive and foil tape to better insulate the chassis. I added it to the floor and reinstalled the carpet. I lined the engine cover with the insulation and sealed the edges with the foil tape. I added insulation to the firewall everywhere I could reach on the inside. I made an big difference in the heat and sound. Ken
  6. Perry Rally

    We would have liked to attend, but with Susan's knee replacement surgery, she is not able to travel far yet. Her Doctor will not release her until early April, if he approves at that time. Maybe next year it can be in the cards. Ken
  7. Possible retirement in the Waco, TX area

    Central Texas is HOT and DRY in the summer. You can have temps over 100 degF and not rare to see 110 degF. Extended periods of no rain. Before you move, i'd check it out with a visit in July and August. Ken
  8. National Fishing License

    Our Congress has no concern about seniors wanting to travel and fish. I have given up writing them Ken
  9. Dish vs Streaming

    I generally do the live chat with Dish to get local channels. I have a prepared text I copy and past with the local address. The thing you have to watch with the morons at Dish is they will sometimes (pretty often) also change the billing address even though you carefully explain this is a temporary service address change only. Ken
  10. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    We had our rig through the Escapees Smart Weigh program two years ago. Easily done, and totally painless. Ken
  11. Pet Discrimination

    Our 32# standard schnauzer was really good around other dogs when on leash. Over the last 3 years, she has been attached by larger dogs that were off leash, in an are where leashes were required. Since the attacks, she has become leash aggressive to most other dogs. I continue to work with here and she is doing better since it has been a while since the last attack. She loves all people and kids, just certain dogs. Dogs that she met and new before being attached are no problem, regardless of size. The dogs that were off leash were large mixed breed with pitt or rott in them. So I have no use for these breeds and try to stay away from them. When we are walking in an area that is somewhat unknown to me, I carry a 5' long maple walking stick to fend off unleashed dogs....and I will protect my dog. We know Wayne's dog, Miya and she is great around people. We keep our dog away, knowing they both have issues. Our Abby is doing better.now, so Wayne, Miya may be able to improve as well. Ken
  12. Balance Beads In 22.5" tires

    Tried Centramatics on my DRW truck and it was no help. Actually vibration was worse over 70 mph (not towing). Took them off to get back to a smother ride. It had been 5 months but they took them back. Ken
  13. manholt, currently, the vehicle has to be inspected no more than 90 days prior to the due date on the registeration Ken
  14. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    When we had an older RV, it was perpetually 9 years old. No one every challenged this as it always looked good. Later we restored a couple of older vintage silver trailers and we told them the year and it was a restored vintage RV. A few would ask for a picture which we proudly sent them. There was one RV Resort north of Houston that would let our 1979 Silver Streak in with our RV club rally, but would not let us in as a single unit. Yet, they had fairly new rigs that looked much worse than our restored RV. Most places are reasonable and just want the rigs to look decent. Ken
  15. Manholt, I am at a loss at your post. I had brakes on my dinghy when we had a motorhome. It also had a break away switch. My 5er has three axles and 6 brakes that are energized by the truck brake controller.