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  1. 10 Year Age Rule In RV Campgrounds

    When we had an older RV, it was perpetually 9 years old. No one every challenged this as it always looked good. Later we restored a couple of older vintage silver trailers and we told them the year and it was a restored vintage RV. A few would ask for a picture which we proudly sent them. There was one RV Resort north of Houston that would let our 1979 Silver Streak in with our RV club rally, but would not let us in as a single unit. Yet, they had fairly new rigs that looked much worse than our restored RV. Most places are reasonable and just want the rigs to look decent. Ken
  2. Manholt, I am at a loss at your post. I had brakes on my dinghy when we had a motorhome. It also had a break away switch. My 5er has three axles and 6 brakes that are energized by the truck brake controller.
  3. we have run across all to many folks that stretch themselves to the limits financially to get into an RV to find out they really should have another several hundred or thousands of dollars to be properly equipped. Another $1500 to properly tow the dinghy....ouch. But you need to value your life as well as others. How much shorter will the rig stop with the brake system on the dinghy? If it manages to stop 6 inches shorter, that may be the difference between stopping and having a wreck. My 2 cents worth. Ken
  4. I think they are aimed at the market of people that want an RV and a big one, that are going to be cash strapped to get one. So, they tell them all the pluses to renting them and the company skims off a few dollars. What they do not tell them are all of the negative points and the tax implications. Net results is you get a few dollars and after a couple of years you have a well worn RV that you did not even get to enjoy. My advice is to buy what you can afford and enjoy it. Ken
  5. Refrigerator

    Herman, Oklahoma is ALWAYS colder in the winter than SE Texas. 500 miles farther south makes a BIG difference. Ken
  6. YOu do need to open the toilet water valve to clear it and also, clear the water pump inlet screen. Other items to clear are the water filters. And you really need to still add some antifreeze to the traps at the sinks and shower Ken.
  7. Towing FJ Cruiser

    Check Remco Towing. I do not believe Toyota has anything with front wheel drive or all time drive that you can tow 4 down. Ken
  8. Portable Soft Water Units

    We are full time and have a sediment filter, a carbon filter and a water softener on the unit. Never know what the water will be like where we go, so we treat everything going into the RV. Ken
  9. First RVs

    Many of us started camping in tents and moved up to luxury in a pop up. Next we really stepped up and got a real hard sided travel trailer....oh, what luxury. Travel trailer are from the small basic to the larger and more luxurious models. Of course bigger trailers mean bigger trucks. But the newbie does not understand tow ratings and often is sucked in by the dealer telling them that your "truck can pull that with no problem. " They soon become disenchanted about long trips due to poor tow vehicle performance and handling. Some think it is a step up to go to a motorhome. I look forward to helping answer questions about travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers, weights, hitches and suspension. Ken
  10. First RVs

    Yep, looked at the disc brake kits....$6000 to go on my three axle Mor/Ryde IS axles....not in the budget. Weather does not look to good up your way. We spent 2 years just north of Toronto and 6 months in York, PA. Ken
  11. First RVs

    jleamont, I have the truck brake controller set and never have to touch it. The trailer has six electric brakes (three axle) and they are 3.25" wide by 12" dia drum brakes. Plenty of brakes on the rig and no issues. Electric trailer brakes are very variable from trailer to trailer. Most of the trailers with drum brakes are shipped with the 2" x 10" dia drum, electric brakes. Before we take off for the days travel, the rig gets a safety walk around check, hitch is checked with a test tug before completely raising the front jacks. A note on first RV's....our first was a Starcraft popup. It served us well, but we wanted more creature comforts. Ken
  12. First RVs

    jleamont, Ford, Ram and GM have the units integrated with the truck systems. For any aftermarket unit, you are pretty much stuck with the inertia type brake controllers. They have evolved from the old pendulum type to an electronic decelerometer. There was an excellent hydraulic based unit called BrakeSmart or MaxBrake for the aftermarket. A larger company bought them out and never brought the newer unit to market. People would rather pay $150 for a inertia based unit that simply plugged in vs a hydraulic based $500 unit that was harder to installed. The inertia based units sort of work 90% of the time, but the hydraulic based unit worked 100% of the time. After a trip on wet roads and having to pry the seat covers out of my rear end, I put in the BrakeSmart and no more issues. You may be able to find some used units on the market. Wayne, my truck is rated for 30,000 lb GCW and I do have the class A exempt for Texas. My wife has her class A as well. It is not a hard exam to pass. The most inconvenient part is scheduling the driving test. The best place to take the exam is Livingston, TX due to the fact that Escapees is there and they get lots of RVers in getting Texas licenses. Very frankly, if you cannot pass the written and driving exam for the class A or class B, you do not have any business driving the rig. This is not meant to hurt anyone's feeling, just a statement of my opinion. Ken
  13. Firearms

    My concern is residual damage from a bullet that could travel through several RV walls. Unknowing you could injure a neighbor. No one needs to know if I am carrying or not. If you do carry, be sure of where you shoot and are prepared for the consequences. Ken
  14. First RVs

    Wayne, our 40' 5th wheel is 19,300 lb loaded and we are within 500# of hitting the max limits on our truck. Some of the 44' DRV 5ers have a GVWR of 24,000 lb. A few well equipped 1 ton duallies are rated for this much trailer, otherwise you need to step up to a medium duty truck (MDT). Some go to a class 7 or class 8 tractor....and haul a Smart Car behind the cab. The newer trucks use a integrated brake controller that is proportional and based off of hydraulic pressure in the brake system. Before I'd go to a huge tractor and hauler, Id go back to a class A pusher and a tow car. Ken
  15. Christmas Not Allowed On Another RV Website

    RV.net....it is their house, their rules. Problem is some will turn it into a religious discussion which is not allowed. Anytime a discussion on religion or politics comes up, someone will turn it into a personal attack on those that do not agree with their personal views. The simple solution is to just don't allow these type topic to start. Merry Christmas to all, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays or what ever you believe. Oh and a Prosperous New Year to all. Ken
  16. Where Fruit Cake Comes From :)

    In addition to Collins Street bakery, try Elienberger's Bakery in Palestine, TX. Love good fruit cake especially when it is liberally anointed with brandy or rum. Ken
  17. We have owned class A's and a class C over the years and vintage travel trailer towables we restored, a pop up, and 5th wheels. Seeing FMCA open to towables, I joined. But after reading some of the elitist comments made under the discussion topics about the vote for towable membership, I am having doubts about joining the group. We are already Escapees and Life Good Sam members. We have been full time in our orphan HitchHiker Champagne for almost 5 years now and had an RV of one type or the other since 1984. With a long history of RV ownership of all types and sizes, I do not see such a great reason for such a division created by some people. Many of the basic RV components are the same for towable and motorized and many of the problems are the same. I do see that the forums do not have a section dedicated to 5th wheel or travel trailers. Hopefully this will change. We have seen an elitist attitude from certain brand owners, but not from a general group such as motorhome or pop ups or trailer owners. We are one of the four couple that started the Texas Boomers RV Club which is not brand or type specific. We all park together and have a great time together. As for parking being an issue, I see an equal number of poor motorhome drivers and towable drivers. They can't back, they cut corners and rut up sites with out discrimination to type of RV. We chose a nice 5th wheel for our full time adventure over a motorhome for a number of reasons. I will see how this goes over the next year and decide if I want to renew then. Ken
  18. There is an endless supply of hitches, trucks and trailer combinations. Some work fine some do not. Be sure and ask questions from people that use them and do not believe the dealers. Their job is to sell RVs, trucks or accessories. Hopefully we will get some questions and help for folks. Ken
  19. Fiver Cost/ Discounts

    We have has class A's and C's as well as travel trailers and 5th wheel trailers. We have lived long term in both a motorhome and a 5er. When we were getting to the point of full time, we decided the 5er was better suited to long term living. On the higher end 5er, you have more of a residential feel and more interior storage and exterior storage. With the advent of automatic hydraulic levelers on 5ers, life became simpler, Full time and 4-season rated 5ers are heavy and you are into a well equipped 1 ton dually to pull them. Some are well into a MDT (medium duty truck) like a Freightliner FL60 . Some of the big boys go to a class 7 or a class 8 tractor like a Volvo or a Kenworth. For travel on a daily/weekly basis, a motorhome maybe nicer as you have access to the facilities while on the road. It all boils down to personal preference. With the 5er, I have to hitch up, but if you are towing a car, you still have to hitch up and attach the braking system. The thing I like is if I have an issue with the drive train, I find a Ford shop and get the repairs and I still have the 5er to live in. I get a cheap rental car. With the motorhome you have to find a shop that will work on them and you home goes to the shop. For discounts, 25 to 35% off is common on lots of the trailers. So pick your poison and enjoy the travel. Look down on no one because of the size, type or age of their RV. Ken
  20. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    Herman, you should have at least waved....We are at the Corral RV Park on S. Cherry Street. Ken
  21. Mail Forwarding and Domicile

    I keep a card in my wallet with emergency contact info and another card with where we are parked and that we have pets in the RV. Ken
  22. Just Rejoined FMCA With A Towable

    Being Grand Parents is a lot more fun than being parents...Congrats. Ken
  23. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    Five, we have had the Big Foots on the last two 5ers. So much better than boards. We are parked for the winter in Tomball, TX and waiting to get my wife a new knee. Always enjoy meeting other RVers, no matter what type they have. Ken
  24. Fifth Wheelers With Computerized Jacks

    Automatic levelers on a 5er are not just a convenience, but are a necessity to me. Big Foot Quadra hydraulic systems works great and so easy to level the 5er. Ken
  25. Just Rejoined FMCA With A Towable

    Hey Wayne. glad to hear from you. We will be in Tomball for a few months, as Susan is getting her other knee replaced in January. We plan to make the Boomers Valentine Rally. Ken KE5DFR