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  1. 2012 V 10 Engine Dies Under Load

    F-53 chassis..Thanks for the input.
  2. 2012 V 10 Engine Dies Under Load

    It's a Tiffin Allegro Open Road on a Ford chassis GCWR 26000 lb..GVWR 22000 lb. I'm located in Albany NY. I do not know if it sat around a lot. I do see a dealer decal purchased from N.H. I'm the second owner. Robert
  3. 2012 V 10 Engine Dies Under Load

    I just purchased a used 2012 Tiffin with the Ford V-10 with 20000 miles. When there is a load on the motor going up hill, and the transmission downshifts the motor dies out but doesn't stalls, like it's running out of fuel. I pump the gas petal a few times and then it takes off. It doesn't do it all the time and the check engine light does not come on. The throttle body has been replaced. I've been informed that the gas filter is in the gas tank? Any ideas? Thanks