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  1. 2018 Cherokee Trail hawk Flat tow

    Yes I have been told by my local place that it should be available March 19, give or take...
  2. Chattanooga Area?

    Sounds great, thanks Kay!
  3. Chattanooga Area?

    Actually no I didn’t. I will check that out. And you are right, Racoon Mountain much better!
  4. Chattanooga Area?

    Kay thank you! Just a question. Did you guys stay in the premier drive through sites? If so, did you find you had enough outdoor room from your neighbor? I was reading a few reviews and it sounds really nice. A few folks were complaining that the spots were very tight, right on top of each other. Did you guys find that to be true? Location looks great also. Also it looks like this used to be called Chattanooga RV Park so it must have been bought by someone and renamed Raccoon Mountain....
  5. Chattanooga Area?

    Thanks, I was wondering about Holiday Park. It seemed to be in a good location for what we had in mind. The different falls/hikes up in that area look awesome...
  6. Chattanooga Area?

    Well we are hoping to leave end of April if that darn wiring harness for the Jeep Cherokee comes in. We still have to get a way to tow our vehicle and that has not been going very well...
  7. Chattanooga Area?

    Thanks for the links Bill, very helpful. I saw your other post about places in Maine. My lord, you guys have been all over the place!!
  8. Chattanooga Area?

    Hello everyone, We would like to explore the Ruby Falls area this summer. Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice campground in the Chattanooga area. We are in 37’ class A and would like full hook ups. We have stayed in the NE Georgia Blue Ridge area in our tag-along but never in this western section... Thanks in advance.....
  9. 2018 Cherokee Trail hawk Flat tow

    Oh man I hope not. We have our first big trip coming up. The local Jeep dealer had said that if the harness for the 2018 is still not out, they would put the harness for the 2017 (which is currently backordered but available, he said) on our 2018 Trailhawk. I think the BlueOx people had said they had a client in Indiana who did that and it worked fine (Base plate compatible etc) I would hate to postpone trip or have my wife follow me up in the Jeep. Does it sound like I might be getting fed a fairytale?
  10. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    Thank you Bill...!
  11. 2018 Cherokee Trail hawk Flat tow

    Hi Grand. Is this kit to activate EPS from Mopar separate from the wiring harness from Mopar due to be released soon for 2018 Trailhawk (we hope)...
  12. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    OK thx...
  13. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    I get it now. They have an EZ pass lane for the Sunshine Skyway bridge going into St. Pete. I didnt realize they were nationwide. Thought it was just a state thing. Great idea....thx...
  14. Elk for some reason I just saw this. Thank you very much!
  15. Trip from Hilton Head to CT

    Right? Then you realize you don’t have the cash in your wallet. Then the horns start.... Goes downhill from there I think!