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  1. Are You A Veteran?

    Yes US ARMY 1963
  2. 4 Corner Weighing

    I'm in Columbus, Ohio and would like to get 4 corner weighing of our MH. Flying J has told me they can not do a 4 corner weigh. It seems nobody in Columbus or Central, Ohio is capable of a four corner weigh. I am unable to go to most FMCA major Rallies and that seems the only place to get the weight distribution weight calculated. Please advise me where in Central, Ohio to take our bus to be weighed at all 4 corners? Thanks
  3. We are going from Ohio to Grand Canyon to Hoover Dam would like to include 4 corners and maybe Salt Lake City. Would like to drive about 350 miles per day. Would like to stay in National Parks and COE's when possible. We will go from Salt Lake to Cheyenne most likely. Would like your experiences and knowledge where we should not miss and the local eateries that are not tourist traps. We are 35 ft long with toad behind gasser V10 Ford.
  4. Are You A Veteran?

    One: List your name. Terry Two: List the branch of service you were in. Army, Army Reserve Three: List the amount of time you were in service to this country and when you were in service. 11 yrs 63-75 Four: List your rank while in service.. Sgt Five: List your job while in service (I think it was your MOS) Last was R 79 in this MOS system. Started as 111 or 11 b in this MOS system Six: List where you served Various places. I do not put personal items on internet
  5. Are You A Veteran?

    Army and USAR Sgt Recruiter 11 years
  6. I had the cooling unit replaced in the MH and when I tried to get the LP gas to cool the refer it does not cool. What do I need to do to get the LP in the refer to ignite and cool the refer? Thanks
  7. Generator Running But Not Genning Electricity

    Thanks for the help. It was slip rings needed cleaned.
  8. Where And How To Get Weighed

    Thank you. Not sure I understand but I will go to a CAT and make a go of it. How do I get individual tires/axle weighed? Do I position once or make several adjustments to put a single tire on scale? Thanks again.
  9. Where And How To Get Weighed

    I am in Columbus, Ohio and need to get our coach weighed. Where and how do I get it weighed? Do the scales workers know what needs to be weighed? What should it cost? Thanks
  10. I'm in Columbus, Ohio and need to have our BO Aladdin serviced. Where is a good place? Thank you
  11. My Onan Marquis 5000, gas engine runs but is not producing electricity. Please offer a simple remedy as I do not want to nor have the money to pay $2000 to Cummins for service. It is in a Fleetwood Pace Arrow Vision 35'. 2000 model year on a Ford F53 V 10.
  12. Ford V10 Gas Mileage

    Run at 2500 RPM and you'll optimize mileage.
  13. Is a 1997 Nissan pickup truck towable without major modifications? I understand Remco has equipment to adapt vehicles for flat towing, but I do not want to invest more than I must to tow 4 down. Thanks
  14. Towing a Ford Contour

    Transmission is automatic. Thanks for response.
  15. Can a 1998 Ford Contour be towed 4 wheels down?