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  1. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Ok my first weekend "camping" in the new rig. I went to LaConnor, WA Thousand Trails. I did not know that all the TT parks seem to be first come first serve. Not sure why we made a reservation or told them the size of our rig. At any rate the place was so tight, but that is another story for another day. We did not get full hookups, which ended up being a good thing because we were forced to live on our tanks and I now know more than I did before. One is that I think the tank sensors are working pretty close to reality and just having the black tank full and flush a few times has really cleaned it out pretty well for the time being and the odor is all but gone. I did put dome Happy Camper down there for good measure. I am still going to find a pressure washing service at some point, but until then I think everything is working better now that it is not sitting.
  2. Cummins ISL 400hp

    I took delivery of my 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire with a Cummins 400 ISL engine. I have not driven a big turbo diesel before other than the single day lesson that I received from the dealer I bought it from. When I was taking it to my storage place I was going up a slight hill and was at about 55mph when there was a loud pop and I lost most power. At the top of the hill I was going 30mph and I immediately thought the turbo was not working right. When I pulled over on the top of the engine at the intake pipe it can separated at the clamp. Easy fix, but I am thinking this may have been my fault. Like I said I have not driven a big turbo diesel and I think I was driving like my regular gas engine. Perhaps I was giving it too much throttle and then backing off as I was hitting the incline. Could it be that I forced the turbo to spool up then let off too fast and caused some back pressure? During my lesson the instructor said something about allowing the turbo to spool up and easing the throttle. Like I said an easy fix, but wanted to understand if I was the cause.
  3. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    @ Manholt Thanks for the advice. I agree, one thing at a time, and doing the fresh tank sanitation will need to be done soon. Luckily the fresh tank seems like it is in great shape, but will sanitize soon. I did replace the house filter (the 0.5 micron in the wet bay) as well as the water filter in the galley sink (small one under the sink) I purchased a new fresh water drinking hose and added one of those large 20 micro filters at the spigot. I also purchased a orange black water hose which I keep separate from the fresh water stuff.
  4. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    I filled the tank with water using the black tank flush filler and then went for a drive for the first time. Driving this huge rig through narrow streets is a little nerve racking. I decided not to try anything first just do a water flush. It seemed like a fair bot of crap came out of the tank. I am going to try the calgon and dawn trick over next weekend when we go up to LaConner, WA for our first overnight in the new RV. We have decided to name her Daisy. I will let you know if more crap comes out. Also I now know that the grey tank level sensor id not working.
  5. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    I go for a drive on Sunday where I am going to full the tank half full and then add dawn and Calgon while driving then go dump right afterwards to see how things look. I will let you know.
  6. Brian and Becky's RV Adventure Begins

    I looked at the Newmar Kountry Klub, but was not real clear on the benefits.
  7. Black Tank Pressure Cleaning

    Thanks for the encouragement of the wand/low pressure through the toilet. I have been told the wands are useless, but I have no first hand knowledge. Someone told me the ice trick, but that seemed suspect and a myth. I say 1/4 full because the tank sensor says it is 1/4 full after everything is drained. Perhaps the 1/4 is not accurate, but a visual check with a flashlight down the toilet should tell me something. I have been told that the chemicals are also useless and not great for the plastic tank and the environment, but perhaps that advice comes for a tree hugger; we have plenty up here in WA. I will post back to tell you how this is coming along.
  8. Ok I have recently purchased a very nice 2006 Newmar which had an aftermarket Macerator in the wet bay. This has caused a few problems, I suspect the PO kept dumping the black too early and caused settling of the "debris" as the macerator did its thing while dumping at a slow pace. So in the end I have a black tank that is at best guess 1/4 full (according to the level sensor) of "debris". I had the macerator removed and now want to do something about getting the tank finally cleaned. Here are my options as I see them. 1. I have seen a power washing RV service where they put a 400psi washer with 4 reverse sprayers. Takes about 30 mins, and on youtube the results seem great. This is my first choice, but unfortunately I cannot find anyone doing this service up in Washington. I suppose I can attempt this myself as the special nozzles you can buy, but not sure where to get a sprayer that would pump at the 400psi range and how would I even know. 2. Do some combination of cleaner, full tank flushes, and internal black tank flushes and hope this will get it all cleaned out. 3. Try that tank wand thing, but not sure how well these work. Any other suggestions short of taking the tank out and getting it cleaned and replacing would help.
  9. My wife Becky and I have purchased out first Motorhome, a 2006 Newmar Mountain Aire 4304 and so looking forward to using it. We already purchased a Thousand Trails Camp Pass and have reserved several places as a warm up to get acquainted with our new beast. All in prep for our cross country trip over the summer. We are starting and ending at our home in WA, but will do a huge clockwise loop of the entire US over 2 months starting end of June. Becky is a teacher and I run a tech business, this is an experiment to see if I can work from the road for a long period of time. The FMCA forum has already been a help as a read tons of posts while I was is search and purchase mode, feels good to finally be a member.