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  1. Towability of GMC Acadia

    According to the towing guide on the home page, you can tow the Acadia. It only shows a limit of 65mph. But as always check your owner's manual for any other things.
  2. Learning How Things Work On A Winnebago Adventurer

    Also, let us know which year and model of the Adventurer that you have. It might help us that want to help you.
  3. Learning How Things Work On A Winnebago Adventurer

    Hi Barb, Don't feel bad about the previous owner not being able to help. The previous owner of my unit actually had no idea how to work most of the features of the unit. Go figure. The TV in the back is usually a 12v unit. There is a switch on the lower part of the cabinet to turn on the power to it. The front TV will not work on the built in inverter. It does not have enough power. As said above, connect to shore power and see what happens. Check breakers. The front TV is plugged into an outlet inside of the cabinet to the right of the TV in the back.
  4. GM 454 Vortec vs. 8.1 Workhorse

    Hi Barb, I chose to get the 8.1L because it has greater torque (torque is what turns the wheels, not HP) at a lower RPM. What that means is that you will not be downshifting every time you go up a small hill. I don't like a lot of downshifting because of the noise of a racing engine. At 60mph the engine is running at about 2200 rpm. Then if it downshifts on a hill, it only goes up to 3300 rpm which is its best torque rpm. Hope this helps.
  5. Outside Portable Pet Fencing

    You might want to try the site below. It is not too large but you could probably buy 2 and hook them together. They are cheap enough to do that. Also, make note that some CG's do not allow pens. And, none of them allow the pet to be unattended in the pen. If you were camped in a wilderness area, coyotes would love a tasty little poodle. Always attend to your animal. http://www.google.com/products/catalog?q=x...ed=0CDsQ8gIwAw#
  6. Removing Oxidation From Fibreglass Skin

    I have a unit that was always parked outside until I bought it. I suspect that it had not been polished or waxed in a long time. It had a lot of oxidation. I tried waxes with cleaners, rubbing compound, etc. but it never really shined. Then I saw an ad for PolyGlow. http://www.poliglow.net It comes with a cleaner and a coating liquid. The cleaner is liquid, diluted and used in a spray bottle. Wet the area with water, spray on the cleaner and rub, gently with a provided cleaning pad (Scotchbrite I think) and rinse with water. All of the old wax, oxidation and dirt will come off very easily. I was pleased with how easy it was to clean. If you want to make it shine, use the PolyGlow as directed. I was quite happy with the results and how much my MH shines now. And with the coating, dirt and bugs wash off easily. It is supposed to last a year and then you can touch it up with more coating. I have no connection with PolyGlow, just a happy customer. There is also another similar product called newglass2 http://www.newglass2.com. After reading reviews, I decided to go with the PolyGlow. Even if you do not want to use the coating, as this product is only for gel-coat, the cleaner alone will remove all the oxidation and leave you with a very clean surface to work with. Hope this helps.
  7. Who Is Credible Concerning Tire Pressures ?

    Holy crap, 475 ft lbs. You are going to twist the nuts off. My Workhorse Chassis manual says 175 ft lbs. and that is pretty tight. Check your manual again. I stand corrected. 475 is correct for your chassis. I know that 475 on mine would spoil my day.
  8. Can't Run Both AC's on Gen-Set

    Problem solved. Yep, turned out to be the transfer switch.
  9. Can't Run Both AC's on Gen-Set

    I have a: 2001 Winnebago Adventurer 32V Basement Air Onan 5500 Generator. Ok, now the problem. When I'm on shore power (30A) I can run both compressors on the basement air when the temperature difference calls for it. When I run the gen-set, only 1 air will come on no matter what the temperature difference is. On the Intellitec, it shows that I'm on 'Gen-Set' so it is sensing that I'm getting something from the generator and that the amperage with the one unit running is 14 amps. All of the lights are on for the systems that it would shed if necessary. 2nd Compressor light is on. The circuit breakers on the generator are both on. Why am I not getting enough power to run them both. Is anyone else able to run both compressors on their basement air when on gen-set. Thanks
  10. We are traveling to CA this summer and are wanting to stay in the Yosemite NP Area for a few days. I have looked at reviews of parks in the area and I have yet to find any that have good reviews. Maybe it's just the complainers that post, but I don't even see good reviews for KOA's, and they are usually nice even though they are more expensive. So if you have some experience with an RV park that is good to stay in with decent access to Yosemite then please let me know. Thanks
  11. Winegard Batwing Antenna

    I put one on mine and it did improve the reception. Was camping at a park out away from everything and I got 6 channels when others were only getting 1.
  12. Oklahoma Turnpike Info

    Tolls for OKC to Tulsa (Turner Turnpike) and Tulsa to State Line at MO (Will Rogers TP) is $9.75 each ($19.50 total). There is only 1 Toll Booth for each TP. They are situated in the middle of each. Restroom facilities are becoming farther apart everywhere, but on the Turner there are 5 and on the Will Rogers there are also 2. That is 7 for about 200 miles. That should be sufficient considering you are in a motor home. There are also a couple of 'rest areas' without facilities that have easy exit/enter that you can use for your own rest, restroom, snack, etc. here are links to the two: http://www.pikepass.com/maps/charts/frmTol...px?TurnpikeID=1 http://www.pikepass.com/maps/charts/frmTol...px?TurnpikeID=2 Hope this helps.