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Regarding mattresses,  if you like memory foam mattresses, try this website.  foambymail.com.    The price and quality are both very attractive.  Keeping all things in consideration, we have had a 9 inch thick, medium density queen size that they had to cut down to RV length.  They only charged about $30.00 to cut it.  We have had it over three years, absolutely love it, but  have started to notice that it is starting to soften.  However, given the price, I can buy a new one every 5 years and be money well ahead. 

One caveat here.  They come crunched and wrapped up tight.  DON'T unwrap it in the living room area.  Take out the old mattress, put this thing on the bed frame and then open it.  You'll understand why when you cut the last string.

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Rule #1, any rolled mattress needs to be in bedroom in a coach or you'll never get it back there....have fun getting it back out in one piece!  $30 can be saved next time, place it on bed, measure where to cut, use a 5' x 1" x 2" board and a razor blade!

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 Joe  started a new thread with the welding topic to separate it from the mattress thread. Here is the new "welding" thread:


 As of right now, I will delete "welding" posts from this thread.  Please re-post welding comments on the new thread.

I have asked FMCA staff to remove Rich's first post on that new thread (it automatically posted first because it had an earlier "post date" than the first post in the new thread). 

Said another way, I tried to move "welding" posts to the new one, but they posted by date in the new thread, so the initial post would not be first.

Hang tight, we will get it sorted out.



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