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Makes me think of the bubble boy movie, all we need to do is put all passengers in a bubble while riding in the class A and tie a rope to the most rear wall.:) I know several school bus drivers that tell of videos that they have been shown concerning seat belts for students being crash tested with dummies (no pun intended), the dummies suffered much worse damage with seat belts than the ones without. The ones without were more able to escape than the ones with, no one could get to the ones with to cut them loose to avoid fire consuming them, or keep them from drowning. Safety test are done on a very regular basis to try to improve safety for common and commercial carriers. When better ways are perfected, I'm sure they will be deployed. To my knowledge air bags are not installed on any commercial airlines, seat belts are, as well as drop down oxygen masks. One of the most effective safety devices in a class A or C, is the egress options, make sure that you and all passengers of where they are located, and how to use them in an emergency, also prominently placed fire extinguishers, kept up to date. If you use LP gas, make sure that the LP detector  is working properly, as well as the CO and fire sensor. In over 30 years of RV experience, I have only seen one person killed in an RV crash, but I cant count the people that have been killed or suffered severely from burns, or carbon monoxide poisoning. Please make my order a memory foam, much softer than latex.B)

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