Can We See More Variety In The Coach Reviews In FMCA Magazine?

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I'm hoping this will get to the editorial staff at the magazine.  I know advertising drives the decisions of most of the coaches that are reviewed, but I'm hoping they could include a few coaches that are not advertised.  It seems the same manufacturers are frequently featured.

I would like to see more info on these manufacturers:

Lazy Dayz:

Earth roamer:

Chris G.



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Great point. One of the reasons you don't see some manufacturers with articles is money. The companies that have articles, coach reviews, pay for the space. It is part of their advertising budget. 


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Hello, Chris and Herman. Availability of vehicles and writers to review them are the true determining factors in which motorhomes end up being reviewed in Family Motor Coaching magazine. Also, to clarify: We endeavor to keep advertising and editorial as separate as possible. That’s better for the magazine’s editorial integrity and better for the companies that end up having products reviewed in the magazine, actually. Companies DO NOT pay for coach features, the front cover, or other editorial material in the magazine. If you check back, you will note that some of the companies with coach features definitely are not advertisers. We’ve included their vehicles because we endeavor to keep readers abreast of what’s available in the marketplace. Of course, we’d like all of the major manufacturers to advertise. Advertising helps to support the production of the magazine, to the benefit of members.

 Thank you for the suggestions, Chris. I remember touring an Earthroamer at an FMCA convention years back, but their current models look completely different. They have new ownership since I would have toured them. So, this probably is worth looking into.

 We did have a Lazy Daze review years back, so it wouldn’t hurt to try again and see whether they are willing to provide a vehicle for a writer to check out. Not all companies are, believe it or not.

 Again, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve shared them with FMC editor Robbin Gould, who coordinates coach features for the magazine.

Pamela Kay, Director of Communications, Publishing

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