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1 hour ago, tireman9 said:

When I was doing "failed tire inspections" I had a stand with six 4' fluorescent lights plus a work light with 75 watt bulb for checking the interior. You really need "flat" light that few "flashlights can provide. You could try THIS light but as I point out in my post on tire inspection you also need to "feel" the complete tire sidewall and tread area and rotate the tire as covered in my blog post on Tire Inspection.

Many decades ago when I worked at my uncle's filling station, He required whoever was changing/repairing tires to rub their hand and fingers all over the inside and outside of a tire. He said you can feel a tiny defect that is not visible. That was especially true with a farm implement tire with thorns embedded. Even if the tube was patched, a tiny thorn would puncture the tube again.

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That's the biggest problem as I see it.  You can feel your tires on the outside, look at your tread (Looks brand new when you change them out), but you have no idea how that tire looks on the inside, until it either goes bang or you look (which 99.9% don't) inside, when it's replaced.  Since I started doing DP's, lot heavier than gas A's, I have used Michelins, Maybe wrong, but I feel more secure!  Have seen what others look like inside, including mine.  Yes, you can save a ton of cash, by getting other brands!  What's the value of you & your loved ones?

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