I have a 2004 Monaco Windsor coach and it has a power-driven, 50-amp cord storage reel. Over the New Year's camping trip I was in the process of rewinding the power cord back into the coach. It stopped winding in and all I could hear was the motor running. Now I had to hand wind the power cord on to the reel. That was not fun and If it had been cold it would have been less fun. I got it back on the reel by hand and we proceeded with our holiday travels. On returning home I looked for information on the reel. I had none and I could not see the label on the reel as there is not much space on ether side of it in the compartment it is installed in. I called Monaco and they said it was a TDA RV 5036 reel and not repairable. I then got on the internet and located TDA in Florida. The RV 5036 is no longer in there catalog so I called them. (1-904-242-0742) and they informed me that they had a gear replacemant Kit for less than $25. I was not sure that it was what I needed but for $25 I would take a chance so I ordered it and it came to me in 7 Days. So today Saturday Jan 16 I took on the task of repairing the reel. The real challange was getting it out of the coach. There is not much space to work in the compartment it is located in my coach and it is heavy (over 40 lbs. with the cord on it and over 20 lbs with the cord pulled off of it. The task of removing it was to disconnect the input feed wires that come out of the reel on a HEAVY and HARD to bend pegtail from the coach wirings. disconnecting was easy as all I had to do was loosen some wire nuts. I also had to disconnect the +12 volt motor drive leads. Remove 4 bolts from the top of the compartment and drop out the reel. It was not easy but not that hard. Installing the new gears was a simple task of drilling out 10 rivets and removing a cover and the old gears. Clean the area and install the new gears. (Yes the small sun gear had broken) on the motor shaft and grease the new gears. Reinstall the cover and 10 new rivets (supplied with the kit). Now the problem was to get this heavy reel assembly back in the compartment. I used a small hydrolic jack to lift it up so I could get it attached to the floor above. It is in and working as it should be but it took me about 6 hours but I think it saved myself about $1,000 if I paid to have replaced or repaired.