Brake Buddy Stealth Update

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So, I have had the Brake Buddy Stealth installed now for a bit over 45 days and about 600 miles give or take. 

I will honestly say it wasn't a "Simple" install as they make it seem but the investment in a FIXED non portable unit was well worth the money. This system uses a brake controller to trigger braking, a signal sent to a box in my trunk that yanks a cable attached to my brake peddle thus applying the bakes. There is a small vacuum attached to my Master Cylinder line that assists with the booster and the 12V pin in my 7 pin connector provides power to the vacuum and the trickle charger on the battery. 

Come to find out the system is "proportional". It is triggered my inertia however, if I slam on brakes, it will apply the same pressure to my toad brake UP TO what ever I set the controller. Mine is currently set to yank the brake up to a max of 80% There is a sensitivity setting that I have on the side of the controller that adjusts how sensitive the braking has to be before it triggers a braking event in the toad. On a scare of 1-7 I have mine at 6.

So, if I cam coming to a stop sign from 25MPH on flat land, I may not even trigger the system as the coach braking will be enough to safely stop the load. If that 25MPH is coming down a hill, a baking event will occur and the brakes on the Toad will apply with the same force as I am on the coach. HOW IT DOES THIS OR KNOWS --- I haven't figured it out. Maybe there its a voltage thing that happens the harder you brake IDK but a camera in the drivers seat of the toad verified everything I am saying. 

So, I am super SHOCKED and surprised at the performance of this system. Lots of people sent me messages warning me of various things and while installing I keeping in contact with a bud in PA who talked me through various things. WE looked at all the possibility and I can honestly say the research paid off. The BRAKE WORKS AND --- the break away is built into the harness on the toad. No extra wires or lines. IN the event of a breakaway the controller emits this GOD AWFUL sound that says something is wrong. 

So, If you are in the market for a Sup Brake that works as advertised this is one to look at. At a cost right around $1000.00 it aint bad. Shop around as I got it for 860.00 and it was WELL WORTH IT!

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I have the Stealth and have had it for close to 2 years and really like it.  My only problem is that it is hard (for me) to connect to the 7 pin connector. It takes a lot of strength for me who has hardly any strength. I had been using a bungie cord to ensure that it would stay connected and that has worked for me. So the last time, I had my neighbor connect it for me and from now on I will leave it connected and wrap the coil around the tow bar when not in use. At any rate after using the original Brake Buddy for many years I decided to get the Stealth and have not been sorry.

I am in the process of having the Stealth moved from the Honda CRV to the Jeep Cherokee Latitude that I just purchased. Fingers crossed that the installer doesn't run into problems. The one problem I see is that maybe the Stealth box will not fit under the Cherokee's drivers seat. It fit well on the CRV but the Cherokee has so much "stuff" under the power seat that there may not be room.  If that happens, I guess it will have to go into the cargo area.  Oh well.

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You may have to purchase a new cable if you move to the cargo area but dont panic. Mine is in the cargo area and i dont notice it. 

I would have them look at the 7 Pin as mine is super easy to push in. Make sure there are no pins bent that is cause the issue. Contact the BB people and they will usually replace without issue. 

I actually had fun installing ours. Watching the DW's eyes and I had jeep parts all over the yard again. The biggest issue in Jeep Cherokees would be the firewall, may have to drill and it is compact in there. Over all I think i will work fine. I love the way the coach and Toad work together to make braking smooth and predictable. The fact the brake away and the tender for the battery is built in was the over all selling point for me. Good luck and happy driving

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