CPAP while Boondocking

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One more idea.  I recently inherited a Transcend mini cpap from my son when he passed away.  I cleaned it up and took it to the folks that set up my Resmed system, and they used the same numbers to set up the mini.  It has a battery pack about the size of a deck of cards that will power the cpap all night.  Resmed has recently put out one of their own that is about the size of an electric shaver, but it's fairly expensive.

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Thanks James, and Semper Fi from a Master Sergeant. That's the equivalent to a commander in the navy, right.

Just got a call from insurance co. and the adjuster has submitted my claim up the chain. You know how long the "chain" is.

Glad you go the CPAP worked out.  I sleep with mine every night. Sure does help.


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