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I did the first coach with LED clearance lights from Napa 16 LEDs and the correct radial profile. The Panther I shopped Amazon and found the correct profile and used the double bullseye version. The price was great but had to but 20 I believe. They come in lesser numbers of LEDs for same money and look the same. I happened to like the really bright ones hence the 16 LED variety. Some are china made others not


Bill E


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On 10/8/2017 at 9:11 PM, WILDEBILL308 said:

Has any one changed out the bulbs in the marker lights with LED and what did you use.


Bill, Changed everyone of them from incandescent to LED's. The only ones not converted where the ones for the rear State Tags.

Installed diodes in the 12 volt supply wires for every turn signal circuit  - cathodes feed the bulb positive. 

Needed the steering diodes to prevent the cross talk in the turn signal lights.

Had to install an LED flasher unit for the turn signals.

Also installed a middle turn signal / marker light, So drivers entering the on / off ramps could see that is was exiting. Many of the ramps are very short and crossing traffic often has no clue that you are exiting  on the same ramp one is entering.  Way fewer middle finger solutes and horns blowing with the upgrade !!! 

Caused by the location / angle of the signal lights in most cases.

Installed red LED's  in the red rear marker lights(white ones  look a little yellow) and yellow in the front and sides !!!

The Super Bright LED's tend to be the best IMHO.


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Bill, I did. Mine are Bargman lights, all I had to do was remove the lens and bulb, plug the new lens in (LEDS built into the lens) and snap in back on. get the model of the light and do a web search

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