Air Filter Life Expectancy

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The dustier the environment, the more often you need to inspect and change your filter.  I had one a couple of years ago that had 1,400 miles on it, then I went thru one of your infamous Dust Storms...looked like it had been on for 40K miles!  Same thing after 27 days in Rocky Point, MX. Ugh  

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2 hours ago, KURTDEN said:

Thanks Brett, I need to get a new one ordered now, I didn't realize it needs to be replaced that often. Mine is twice what you said your comfortable with. Ryder Fleet has good prices on Fleetguard filters.




Kurt, I bought my first one from Ryder Fleet, they do have good prices. Also try Amazon. Mine is due this year I will most likely install a Donaldson due to availability. 

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