Regeneration Completed-- Now MH Won't Accelerate

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2008 Fleetwood Revolution require Regeneration.  Shut down so...we had to get a mechanic to come and get the Regeneration to finish.  When we pulled out, we have almost zero acceleration even with the pedal to the floor. Any ideas whether the regeneration process caused this.

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Why did you shut down? 

Does your owners manual tell you to find a safe area to do the regeneration? 

I have a 2010 AC Tradition and my regeneration comes on about every 3,000 miles and I keep the coach running on cruise control for the 15 minutes that it takes. 

My number 1 & 2 exhaust, goes back and forth between 750 - 1,200 degrees.  When finished it drops back to 450 - 600 depending on Ambient temperature! 

I never have to shut it down!!!   

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If it shut itself down, that's a relatively expensive problem that a regen will not fix, the filter will have to be removed, cleaned and reinstalled.

If you shut it down in the middle of a regen, that's worse, all of that high temperature within the exhaust system and no air flow will probably crack the filter and or damage sensors ($$$$$) from an improper shut down. Part of a regen is a cool down cycle in the end, that is a crucial task.

Sounds like the filter pressure differential is out of spec and the engine is in Derate (power cut back, limp mode), I'm guessing the filter is plugged to a point where a forced regen will not cure the problem. You will need to get that to an authorized Cummins shop ASAP.

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