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Intellitec System Operation And Repair

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This will be a little long, but the objective is to fill in the information gap on the how and what of this Climate Control system operation. 

        The  thermostat unit is the one that causes the furnace to  start even when it is in the off position - caused by random noise introduced into the Data link between the 2 modules. I did find some information that mentions placing a 5.6 Micro Henry RF choke at both ends(6 inch's from the ends) of the high side of the  of the data cable - not on the low / ground side. This might help. To date I have not tried this and it would only correct a problem if something external of the modules is introducing some unwanted noise an that noise is not being generated internally in the Thermostat control.

        Any abnormal difference in delays needed for safe startup of or shutdown of the furnace or AC units is controlled by these units NOT the master control module(s) or wiring as long as the wiring is good and all connections are tight. The furnace units have a TDR(time delay relay) that controls the 4 second startup, before the fuel valves open and the 2 min. cool-down cycle. The only thing the control unit does is supply power through a relay mounted on the Master Control Module.

         Should you need a new control board for the Atwood series and the problem is a issue caused by the TDR, they are available after market, but are configured just a little different . So one must make sure the wiring is correct for things to work properly.  The Newer furnace control board have the TDR mounted on the boards(in most cases), but the cost is higher and one needs to install some wiring between the board and the TDR circuit connections mounter near or on the blower motors. 

       Note! there is a sail switch(micro switch) mounted in side the blower motor cage that needs to close before the fuel supply valve will open. This needs to be working to prevent a fire hazard.

              The dual system control panel is NLA. Only because a part or 2 are no longer available to build them at this time. So intellitec is Repairing them. To get the system up and operating properly one needs to ship the Dual control unit and the master control module back to the as a set.  This allows them to make sure the system works as designed and specked. Note! at this time there are in not a substitute thermostat for the intellitec system. My personal opinion is that they are R / R the part with a different IC and doing some rewiring, by opening some traces on the boards and adding some jumper wires so a substitute IC can be  placed on the Circuit board.

            This process is set up by calling Intellitec Service. They will talk to you and and inform you of how and where to ship the components. As of this post the turnaround time is Approxly. 4 to 6 weeks and a cost of $225.00 plus shipping and handling.

          Some FYI regarding the difference between the 00-00597-100 and the -200 mater-control modules.

               The  current sensing circuit of the boards is different and you need to continue using the module that is in your system because the 2 are not interchangeable even you where to replace the 12 volt power supply connector. 

               The newer master control board is setup for newer model AC units that tend to draw a lower current and this fact effects the operation of the shed levels.

                                             The shedding sequence occurs in the following order: Preset and no provision to reset the sequence.
1. Rear (A/C2) compressor (if running)
2. Front (A/C1) compressor (if running)
3. Rear (A/C2) fan (if running)
4. Front (A/C1) fan

RV products technical helpline Mark Bayus    Telephone: 419 965 3014
        Intellitec  1485 Jacobs Road,  Deland, Florida, 32724

I hope this information clears up some of the questions regarding the Intellitec Climate Control Systems. 


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