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The film will  not work.  All is does is keep the paint chips from leaving the location that they were created but eventually you will have to remove the film and when you do, all of that chipped paint will come with it.

You will be much better off installing a barrier between the road and your car like the fabric devices that span the space between your RV and your car or a bra of some kind that will cover the entire front of your towed.  If you go that route, just be sure to remove, clean and reinstall the bra on a regular basis as the grit between the bra and the car will do substantial damage on its own.

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I don't know where you would get the white film but I would definitely recommend something. Maybe a bra. There are several companies out there. You need something. Good Sam insurance rejected my claim for damage caused by newly chip-sealed roads declaring it to be "normal wear and tear"!!! I definitely don't recommend Good Sam insurance!

Dean Barnes


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