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Supplier For Hydraulic Brake & Fuel Lines

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 I have been doing some restoration work on a classic car and truck and wanted to replace all the fuel and brake lines.

Found a supplier that can shape and form kits for an extensive number of gas powered vehicles. They might also make up specific lines for Diesel Powered Coaches. 

The lines can be purchased in kits for both fuel and hydraulic applications. 

Have the year, make, model and the fuel tank configuration is needed is some cases - Duel fuel tanks or duel tanks where one section gravity feeds the tank that has the fuel pump or the supply connection point.

They make them up in Stainless Steel or Common Steel line material. They also make stainless steel braided flexible hydraulic lines that connect the calipers or break cylinders to the ridged lines. Options for the Dune Buggy or Rock Hoppers. 

Have not to date, asked about transmission lines or oil cooler lines, but I have a feeling they can also supply them.

So if you're one of many coach owners that are restoring or just want or need lines to keep them running and safe to use this might be a possible solution.

If you are not the one doing this work or it is not in the skill sets. The service center or mechanic might be a better bet regarding placing an order. 

Google      Classic tubes. com   OR  call 1-800-882-3711

Safe travels 


This is another link to a supplier that makes or supplies a broad line of hard to fine items.

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