2008 Workhorse Chassis Brake Problem

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Friend of mine has a 07 Workhorse chassis (UFO) and he is having an issue with the brake cylinder on the drive shaft locking up. He will try to release the brake and ABS lights and Brake will flash and coach cant/wont move. I thought it was the relay in the box beside the transmission that went bad however the "guy" that has the coach in DE seems to think its ok. I am super skeptical because he said the manual required 1600psi to unlock the brake which I think is down right wrong but ... I am not a mechanic I just fix my stuff cause I cant afford to pay FORD. 

Anyone else aware of this issue and what was the solution. I am trying to help from a distance with out going to DE to have him tow the coach home and figure it out from there. 

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I'm not familiar with Workhorse chassis,  however I am familiar with the drive shaft parking brake on the Chev P30 chassis.  The brake is actually engage with a charged spring and uses a hydraulic cylinder to compress the spring to release the parking.  On these units there is a procedure to release the parking brake if the hydraulic system fails.



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This is not to say that Workhorse is a piece of junk or anything like that but I am so glad the majority of the people that I talked to told me to stay the heck away from them.

Unfortunately this is not the only issue that he's had with this particular chassis that seems to be a global issue. 

On 12/2/2017 at 4:52 PM, Hermanmullins said:


I don't remember the number but there was a recall on the workhorse brake calipers. Have your friend contact his coach manufacturer to follow up on the recall.


There was a recall and I'm not exactly sure if that recall issue was supposed to prevent or solve this from happening but unfortunately he wasn't eligible for whatever reason.

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