Bedroom TV Upgrade

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On 12/13/2017 at 7:29 AM, kaypsmith said:

With the advent of the very thin led tv's, one can locate one that is pretty close to or slightly larger ones, then make a plywood door that fits the hole where the crt style tv is, then use heavy duty hinges to mount the door with the new thin screen tv to the door, which will give new cabinet space for more storage.

I don't like the tiny bedroom tv so I mounted a 40 inch Samsung which is 1.2 inches thick on hinges that I designed and built with a gas strut.  The hinge is at the top and the tv swings up to the ceiling for clearance to open the closet door and also a storage cabinet where the old tube tv went.

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Wow 40"! I was on the fence with this as I could probably count how many times I actually use this TV location. 

DD you need to post a photo of that.

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