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I just purchased a 2017 Ford Edge SEL. I am looking at the Blue Ox and Roadmaster base plate assemblies for my new car. I have a Blue Ox tow bar on coach.

I am leaning towards the Blue Ox because it appears to have more attach points to the frame, but the Roadmaster appears to be of simpler installation. (In either case I will have a shop install the equipment).

Would like opinions/recommendations/experiences on both systems. 


Larry Valdez

2016 Tiffin Allegro 37AP

2017 Ford Edge SEL

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I had a BO 10,000 & base plate, with Roadmaster brake for a year, found it to heavy and cumbersome!  When I got a Jeep Wrangler, I switched back to Roadmaster. no base plate and Roadmaster brake.  Then on my next Jeep W, a Invisabrake by Roadmaster, after that on a Colorado 4x4 the same set up and now the only difference is a M & G Brake and love that....same tow bar for 8 years now and still works great on my Jeep W.  If I had a regular car, then I would need a base plate!  

Hope all the above info is of help.

Merry Christmas

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Having used both Roadmaster and Blue Ox, I can't discern any noticeable difference in performance. I now use a 10,000# Blue Ox due to weight of my '13 Silverado, still have the 6,000# Roadmaster tow bar in the garage we used to tow our Jeep GC.

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