Tax Code Reform

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Oh, man.  When the moderator is away (yesterday on land excursion across Belize to the Guatemala border to see a Mayan  ruin) things can go off the rails.

But, in the spirit of the holidays NO ONE IS IN TIME OUT.

But, how about getting back to the original topic.


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Wow, a new title, and a much better one than the last one.

Nope, left everything in Belize as we found it.  Did an 8 hour drive across the country to some magnificent Mayan ruins on the border with Guatemala yesterday. Fit Bit showed 57 flights of stairs.  They built TALL buildings/pyramids. With three temples lining up with/corresponding to the summer, spring/fall and winter solstices.

In Roatan Honduras today, then back north.


Ya, I know Tax Code Reform isn't too popular a topic,  but let's wander back to it.

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