Updating Drab Looking Entry Well Stairs - 2003 Monaco Cayman 36PBD

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Not picking on you but one of my pet peeves with the RV industry is they never prime , seal or paint wood that is in places water can get to it.

When you look under a new coach there is no paint on bare metal no paint on exposed wood.:(  

Press on you are doing great.


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Returned from the hardware store with goodies in hand. I’ve sealed some previously drilled holes [and one breached small crack that I carelessly caused with a screwdriver removing that original dry rotted 3/4” plywood stair tread] on existing bottom galvanized stairwell plate with silicone. New 3/16” metal plate scrubbed, washed and rinsed clean, both sides. Fully primed [2 coats] and painted, both sides. Waiting for paint to dry in the warm California sun. I will also install mounting tape to hopefully eliminate any and all potential rattling, as well as seal each newly drilled anchoring screw hole [pics uploaded].  This is turning out to be a very enjoyable and rewarding project. I only wish I had decided to tackle this stairwell entry upgrade a year ago. Oh well. More later...











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Success... Bottom 3/16” metal plate stair tread installed. Dimensions of required individual Corian pieces taken and recorded. Now it’s time to pay a visit to the kitchen contractor who will supply the custom cut Corian product. This phase may take awhile. More later...
















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