Towing 2014 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

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We recently bought a 2014 Lincoln MKZ and are considering trying it out to tow behind our 38’ Discovery (diesel, air brakes).  I have some concerns about the low profile of this car, and how it would do being towed.    We have been using Sterling/ROadmaster set up on our GMC Envoy.  Has anyone flat towed this car? According to Manufacturer and FMCA it is listed as towable 4 wheels down.  We love the car, great mileage and being a Hybrid it’s so quiet.  Thanks for your input.

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Welcome to the Forum.

There have been a number of folks here that tow or have towed the MKZ. I assume it has to be kept under 65 MPH and should be started ever so often. One thing that I do know is it is best that the tow bar is no higher or lower than 3 to 4 inches from level You can get a dropped hitch for your receiver.

M & G Engineering has a new braking system (2.0) that will work on the MKZ. Also Air Force One has a system also. Auxiliary Brake System, DON"T LEAVE HOME with one.

Good Luck


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