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Pacific Tire, 501 Jacks Lane, Mount Vernon, Washington, is the place to go (360-428-8612 - 24hr). I recently posted that I had a blow out. A good Samaritan named John came to my coach while I was trying to find service and told me that Pacific Tire was just across the freeway about 1/2 mile. What a good fortune that was. It was a better fortune that Pacific Tire serviced my motorhome. I ordered two tires, on a Friday, and they were in on Monday. We had planned on being in the area for 4 nights, and Pacific Tire had a used 255/80R22.5 that they put on to get me 30 miles to my destination. When I asked to settle up, they said, when you come back. Being from Texas, that is just down right countrified. And back I was. Every one of the personnel in Pacific Tire are nice and friendly. A very professional group of hospitable people. The owner is Skip Montgomery, and it is apparent that everyone working there is happy. The manager is Jim Coffman, and he was just superb to work with. I don't believe I received any discounts, and I have no affiliation with Pacific Tire. My total cost was $1079. Talk about fair pricing! Wow!

If I could post this on every RV forum and Truckers forum, I would. Because of the superb service and fair pricing that Pacific Tire has. If you are in the area, and you need any type of tire service, maybe you are just in the need of new shoes, I would highly recommend Pacific Tire, Mount Vernon, Washington.

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I would highly recommend Pacific Tire to anyone with ANY tire needs! Just got a new set of Michelin XPS Ribs for our 31 Itasca Class C ~ what a difference! Michelin is the only company that offers an all steel tire in this size. Have done business with Skip, Linda and Charles for many years and you will never get better service, care and response than at Pacific. They have helped to solve many tire issues in the business side and private side for me and a lot of other people. I trust their judgement implicetly!

So, if you are need of RV, Truck, Heavy Equipment or Passenger car tires ~ give them a call. I promise you will not be disappointed! :)

1-888-499-tire (8473)


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