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Towing 2010 Chev Malibu

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The 2010 Towables guide in Family Motor Coaching lists the Malibu as being towable without any qualifications. As to specific instructions, you will find those in your owners manual for the Malibu. Every manufacturer has specific procedures for each towable model so only the owners manual for your model and year Malibu would have the correct information for that model.

We've been towing a Chevrolet Trailblazer for almost 8 years now and had just a few problems. In eight years of towing, those problems seem to be really minor though at the time they presented challenges. When I read through the procedures for preparing the Trailblazer for towing and for returning it to driving mode, I made myself a checklist incorporating the tow bar connections as well and laminated it. This keeps it handy without having to drag out the manual every time. I keep the laminated copy in the drivers door pocket for ready access every time we hook up or unhook. Even though we have been through this process hundreds of times we still use the list every time.

You will need a tow bar for towing and they come with specific links that have to be installed on your car. Each tow bar manufacturer has their own towing connections so you will purchase the tow bar and links as a package. Braking can be purchased from the tow bar manufacturer or purchased as a separate item. Some people tow without brakes on the toad but it is highly recommended that the toad have its own independent braking ability. There are numerous articles on the forum related to all these topics. Use the SEARCH tab (second menu line at the top of the page right next to HELP) to locate articles on specific topics (e.g. brakes, tow bars, toad) quickly. You will find plenty of articles to read!

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