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Guest Wayne77590

UltraGuard RV Mud Flap Reflectors

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Guest Wayne77590   
Guest Wayne77590

I have been searching, and searching, searching, for the reflectors that are on the Ultraguard RV Mud flaps. One came off and got mangled on my mud flap. Unfortunately, up until today I did have much success.

My last call to a web site dealer, RV Stuff USA had the most help offered. That was to call me back with a phone number if they could find it. Yvonne did call me back, and I have to say that they were most helpful. Another good place to visit on-line and get parts and help.

While on the phone, then waiting for the return call, (I know, I'm winded again - shux) I started digging deeper into the internet. Remember, I have surfed to the end, so I know where things are. and I came upon the answer.

The manufacturers of UltraGuard RV Mud flaps is:

Click here > Smart Solutions, Inc.

I called the number I found and asked if they were the manufacturer of the Ultraguard RV Mud Flap. The answer was yes. I was elated to say the least because of the amount of time I had to spend researching this data. But, hey, that's me.

I spoke with Mr Higgins and he said that the reflectors were for sale and that they were, at this time, $15 a pair. However, they do not take credit cards and a check is the method of payment. Well, my check is in the mail and I should get the reflectors before we head out on our next sojourn.

Mr. Higgins was most helpful. I now need to look and see what other products they have.

They are:

Smart Solutions, Inc.

PO Box 568

Itasca, IL 60143

630 775-1517

The phone number that I got the return call on from RV Stuff USA is: 800-227-1517

Both companies seem to have great service.

Good luck.


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