RV Doctor Video: Battery Boiling Over

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Good information as always from Gary.

If you have an inverter/charger, pull out it's owners manual. Go to the section on programming. These inverter/chargers are smart enough that they will do what you want IF, repeat IF you tell them what you want.

Things to be programmed are:

Battery bank size. With 6 6 VDC batteries for the house, you have around 660 amp-hrs @12 VDC.

Battery technology: wet cell in your case.

Temperature: hot (unless you have an optional temperature probe).

If you still have the problem with the inverter/charger properly programmed and terminals clean and tight, the next step is to see if one of the batteries may have a dead cell. A dead cell will lead to overcharging the other cells, as the inverter/charger tries to maintain proper voltage into 5 cells instead of 6. A battery hydrometer is inexpensive and available at most auto parts stores.

As always, the more information we have on your specific setup (what charger, inverter/charger or converter you have) will allow more focused answers.


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