Towing Lincoln 2012 MKX

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Re-opeing an old thread, I know.

I'm in the process of purchasing a 2011 Lincoln MKX. I'm interested in hearing ONLY from MKX users that are towing that brand/model automobile, from 2010 through 2013. The 2011 model would even be a better response.

I realize there are baseplate considerations, and one example is DemCo's baseplate not being compatible with front "Radar" systems. According to my service representative at Lincoln, that is the front sensing system for when you are parking your vehicle, similar to the rear sensing system. Any other information on that would be apprcciated.

I'm going to go with the BluOx base plate and Blue Ox towbar so there should be no problem, that I know of, with that system. I'll also have my AFO re-installed in the MKX for braking.

What towing package do you tow your MKX with?

There have been a few posts on battery and battery charging systems.

What do you do?

Is just starting it at fuel stops enough?

Considering that fuel stops can be anywhere from 4 to 8 or more hours depending on the fuel tank capacity and driving habits. (My kidneys typically don't let me drive for more than 3-4 hours. Yes I have lasted that long. DW, well that's another story.)

Any information, or pointing me in the right direction, please.

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Wow! No takers on towing a Lincoln MKX?


I bit the bullet yesterday and purchased a 2013 Lincoln MKX. Darn thing has more new technology than Carter's Little Pills.

It is towable 4 down. Don't worry about not having a key. The push button start acts as a key. It does not have a steering lock. The car has to be put in neutral to tow and it has to be in the accessory position to put it in neutral. That is one push on the touch button without the foot on the brake and it is in accessory position.

It does state to start it and run it for 5 minutes before towing each day and again at each fuel stop.

Unfortunately they do not give a time frame for "between fuel stops" and some coaches will run 7 or more hours on a tank of fuel and others stop when the gauge get to half full (optimist) in 4 hours or less.

I would like to know if the speedometer advances when towing. I have a 100,000 mile service plan and if it advances when towing it will make a difference.

Come on MKX owners - what's your take?

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