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Freightliner Alignment

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Welcome to the FMCA Forum.

Can't help with a shop suggestion, but there are other causes of pulling than alignment-- including two you can easily check yourself.

If you have a brake not completely releasing, it will cause drag and hence a pulling. Next time you drive, stop after a mile or so and use an IR gun or your hand (carefully) on each wheel to see if one is hotter than the others.

Also, check the oil level in the front wheel bearings and look for signs of oil radiating from the center of the front hubs. If oil has leaked out, you may have a bearing that is seizing up. If so, do not drive it until this is fixed. Having a wheel stop turning at 60 MPH would be an eye opener.

Another cause of pulling is the front tires. Rotate them Left/Right would tell you if that was the cause.

And, yes, lastly it could be alignment.

A good alignment shop will know all this automatically.


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Brett is correct on the tires. Radial tires can cause a vehicle to pull one way or the other.

If your coach is pulling that hard you might inspect both front tire for scuffing.

Good Luck

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