Tire Thing Has Me Totally Confused

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Here is graphic of dual spacing2vd5qxi.jpg


The OP was looking at going from 275/80R 22.5  to 295/75R 22.5     which is a change from 12.24 spacing to 13.19.  You may need to think in reverse.

Let's assume that with the 275's you have a physical 1.00" clearance down at the bulge in the sidewall near the road. This dimension is controlled by the offset of the wheels. So if you don't change wheels and put wider 295's on the new clearance will be   1.00 - ( 13.19 - 12.24) or  1.00-0.95  or a final clearance of 0.05"

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The OP stated he was replacing his current Michelin size which is 275/80R 22.5 with Continental 275/80R 22.5 so I don’t see all the concern for spacing. He had LOOKED at 295's
I went from 255 to a 275 and do not see any problem. I have not measured the gap between the tires but I believe it won’t be a problem. I can’t forsee anything but a flat that would let the tiers touch ”kiss”. 



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