Water Pump Won't Stay Running

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I have a 2006, 34ft Itasca Gas MH.

The water pump will not stay running when the water is on. If I wiggle the wires that plug into the pump it will come on when its calling for water. Once I think I have it fixed or try it later, the same thing happens. My question is do you think I have a bad connection or the pump is bad, or is there some kind of relay I need to check? The Water pump is a Shurflo 2088-403-144

Also, I turned on the water pump switch and removed both leads from the water pump and I was getting 13.75 volts, that tells me the switch is fine and power is getting to the pump. I also took some WD -40 and sprayed on the terminals to clean them and cleaned the pieces on the end of the wires. If I wiggle one of the wires and pulled up on it just a little, it goes to working, but soon as I go in the coach and cut the water off, then turn it back on it quits.

Is the end of the pump where the wires connect removable or replaceable?

Any help will be appreciated,


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I just had this same problem. Found that the blade connector was loose in the pressure switch. I live close to Elkhart, IN and went to the Shurflo service depot with the old pressure switch. They gave me a new switch. Replaced the switch, just 3 screws, and then packed the connections with clear silcone caulk to keep the wires and connectors from placing strain on the blades in the switch. After the caulk had dried for a couple of days, I reinstalled. No problems.

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The Post by MrBoyer is the likely the point of the problem. and well verified by your diagnosis. This pump problem has been posted on other sights on the web.

I looked at the pump current range for on load pressure to 50 psi. The pump draws between 3 and 4.5 amps. This should be well within most DC switches current range as well as the latching relays used on most RV's.


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